Wednesday, November 25, 2009

christmas lights! :)

layton park always puts up a bunch of lights for christmas! :) we got all dressed up nice and warm and went to see them!
i made this hat on katelyn but its still a little big.. but its cute! we are both in pink! tender

i love love love being a aunt!! :)
me and kyron! (i also made the hat he is wearing!)
cute baby josh all wrapped up!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

november updates! :)

do you like my princess cake? hahaha i made it for my FHE dad for his birthday he said he liked them so i made him a cake happy birthday papa t! hehehehe

i love being home! i got out of school on friday and am home till sunday! thats a whole week and 2 days its simply amazing! saturday night we had a girls night, waxed eyebrows, nails, movies, paces, and pictures, pictures, pictures! this is erin, me and kortnie!
early morning brakefast at granny annies! yummm Mindy, Mike, katelyn, Josh, Mom, Dad, Jillisa, Kyron, Me, Julianne, Aunt Carla, and grandma! it was so much fun!! thanks for setting it up mindy!
i love my sister!! :) oh and by the way HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! hope you have a simply amazing day full of food, family, and foodball... oh yeah and thanks! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

one weeks party..

our ward had an amazing enrichment activity where brother and sister kinghorn (ashleys grandparents) came and we talked about the temple it was such a great night then after we make ice cream and a bag and a few of us stayed after to go swimming!! yahoooo
CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!! yahooo i love it and can't wait to go home for so long! i miss being home i can't wait for thanksgiving break either.. anyway fiday we had a girls night we had facials, went out to eat, rearanged our living room set up our christmas tree (thanks mindy!), broke the cable cord... fast trip to walmart before they closed, and watching the santa clause! i love my roommates never a dull moment! hahaha
do you like our new stadium seating?? i do its fun this was right after we now have a blanket and changed around a little bit but you get the idea! its great for watching movies!
i love my roommates! lindsay is not in this because she went back home till thanksgiving we missed you linds!
me and rachel with our baking soda and water home made masks! hahahaha it was a blast! gotta love girls night! oh and we made muddy buddies, and rice puff balls! yum and just talked! what a fun weekend!


when kasey was on his mission in New Zealand he introduced us to tim tams they are a little piece of heaven. you bite off the two ends and suck the hot chocolate up the middle melts really really fast so don't drop your cookie!! we just found out that they have them at Target now to so we started our FHE family tradition :)
this is backwards.. chad didn't know that it melted so fast i must of left that part out so he got a tad messy..
chad (my FHE brother!)
chris.. his dropped right into the cup hahah it was funny so he ate his with a spoon!
papa tyler! his brother also went to New Zealand on his mission and he always heard about these but never tried them!


grandpas funeral

it was a hard week but good to see all my family again! grandpa will be greatly missed. he is my hero i am glad i got to live so close and got to know him!! i love you grandpa and will miss you tons!! i love love love you
me and kyron! i love you little bro!
me katelyn and kyron!
grandpa got the 21 gun salute! what a great man he was!!
all (well most) the grandkids and great grandkids! what a great posterity