Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 17!

Today I am grateful for: musically talented people! Yesterday Ashley and I random decided to go with the boys (Brian, Drew, and Matt) to Inkom (Matt had to sing in a priesthood meeting, and also our friend Micheal was giving his farewell talk) We didn't get to bed till about 2 in the morning, woke up at 4, out the door by 5 in Inkom by 6:45 ish.... and so on the day was non stop going from church to church, family to family, trying to visit everyone we had to. Our last stop was at Matt's aunts house for scone Sunday! :) While we were there we kind of had a mini musical talent show, singing songs, playing songs, and his aunt played the organ... yes in their house! And she was AMAZING! I though organs could only play hymns nothing like what she was playing! She even won Miss. Idaho with her organ playing talent skills!! So basically I was in heaven tonight listening to everyone sing and stuff it was so fun! I wish I was half as talented as them!! So today I am grateful for: musically talented people!! :) :)
hehehe isn't he cute?! even while stuffing his face with food!
matts amazing piano skills! :)

day 16... a little late!

Yesterday I was grateful for: George (aka a working car)! This is drew trying to help Brian fix his car. Brian couldn't figure out what was wrong with his car so he had to take out the alternator and his battery to get them checked but they both were fine and once he put them back into his car it started to work again.. weird yes.. answer to prayer.. Most Defiantly! But I was just really grateful for George and that he is still workings! Thats why today I am grateful for: George!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

day 15

Today I am grateful for: fridays! they are just the best! Ill give you a little run down of my day yesterday: I woke up at 9:30 because my 7:45 class is only on Mon. and Wed so I get to sleep in on Fridays! :) well I wake up go to my advanced writing/ critical thinking class when we were talking about assumptions and how you can't always assume everything is a sign, so he stared to play some "hey jude" from the Beatles and I started my work of art. (maybe ill post that later!) Anyway after that class I walked up to the Ricks with Brian, found a seat by the window that looked over campus and started to do homework while I waited for my next class to start (my middle class is also only a Mon. Wed class) I saw a old friend and we talked for about a hour or so until I had to go to my History class (side note: my teacher is the history! he is sooo old! but its good cause he forgets things...) so my group was up first to present our slide of questions (he doesn't teach. the class is split up into groups and he makes power points and we all go up and read them... weird I know but that's how the pointless class is.) But knowing that he is so old he just skips right over our group and on to the next! yahooo because I didn't want to teach anyway. So... I kept working on my art work! After class I was done for the day, I called Mindy and my Mom on the way home and had a good little chat. Played Mario Kart with the guys until we ate dinner and watched "prince of Egypt" after the movie we went to go buy JUST DANCE 2! only the best WII game ever!!! but our walmart didn't have it (big shocker there!) so we headed down to Idaho Falls or IF as we call it (just for you Jillisa) Just then Brian called when he got off work at downeast down in IF saying that his car would not start so we first went to go jump his car, get the game, jump his car again then finally around 11:30 headed home to go play just dance... where I now hold all of the high scores!! :) whoot whoot I forgot to say that my cousin also came up from ISU to sleep over :) So basically it was a crazy, random, fun filled night just one of the reasons why I am grateful for: fridays!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

day 14... still going strong!

Today I am grateful for my: job! I love it!! its like I am being paid to do my homework for 5 hours! its the best! I was really behind and stressed with school and tonight I got really caught up it was amazing! I still have a few projects due but I got most of the little things done-and I got paid for it! whoot whoot! thats why today I am grateful for my: lazy laid back slow moving job!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

day 13!!

Today I am grateful for my: niece and nephews! :) I got to talk to Katelyn and Auklin today and it totally made my day! I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH!! I hate not being around them all the time. It also doesn't help that my major is dealing with kids their age, so I learn about their ages all day every day. It bites because it makes me miss them more! Its amazing how such a simple thing like a phone call can make your entire day! I LOVE being a aunt, its the best thing in the world!! And I have the best niece and nephews! Katelyn is my best friend and I am her favorite aunt :) Nothing is better than learning from them and being with them! I miss them so much and can't wait to go home soon so I can be with them! and the 2 on the way!! :) yay!!! that's why today I am grateful for: my niece and nephews!
Auklin man!
cute little Joshy
Little miss princess Katelyn
I'm the LUCKIEST!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

day 12 :)

Today I am grateful for my: mom! She is my best friend, hero, and best example. I never realized how much she did for me until I lived on my own. I never realized the little things like always having toilet paper, laundry soap, milk, hand soap, clean towels, and dinner!! Today I cleaned my house for quite some time (none of it being my mess) but I was still happy to help out. But it made me realize all of the behind the scenes things like always having a clean house when we got home from school. So thank you mom for all you have done for me, for being a mom and taking care of me. Your the best! I miss you so much and hate being away from home. Thanks again mom for everything you have given and done for me. Ill never take all you do for me for granted again. I don't know what I would do without you. Thats why today I am grateful for my: amazing, beautiful mother!

Monday, January 24, 2011

day 11

Today I am grateful for: talent shows! We had a ward talent show and us girls did the song to Hercules "I think im in love" I think its called. It was really fun and crazy for me to do... totally got out of my bubble for that but it was fun to do something out of the ordinary :) thats why today I am grateful for: random talent shows :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

day 10!! whoot whoot

today I am grateful for my: calling! :) I am the new relief society instructor (my dream calling!!) I have been wanting to be a teacher for the last few semesters but the lord had other callings in mind for me. But today I taught my first lesson and I loved it!! :) with some help from my parents, and the spirit I would say it was a mighty fine lesson! :) so today I am super grateful for my: calling!

day 9

today I am grateful for my: bed! and mostly for sleep! this week has been crazy and I have had lots to do so my bed has been my best friend.. whenever we get to see each other :) that's why today I was grateful for my:bed!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 8.. sorry a day late! (hey that rhymns)

Sorry I forgot to blog yesterday.. my bad! but yesterday I was grateful for my: sisters! all of them! They are the best sisters anyone could ask for! I was reading a friends blog and she was blogging about her little sister Madey (the one that passed away a week ago) and it started to make me cry. I am so blessed to have the sister I do, I don't know what I would do without them and their examples to me. I called my mom the other day and asked what her plans were for that day and she said that all the girls were coming over and crafting- I MISS THAT! that is a big reason I hate being away from home. I love how close we all are and that we can do everything together!! I look up to them so much! I couldn't have better sister for me! So thanks Mindy, Chelsi, and Jillisa for helping me become the person I am, for your examples, phone calls, and for your love! :) that is why today (yesterday) I was grateful for my: sisters! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

day 7!

Today I am grateful for my: coat! Today has been FREEZING! well more than it has been, it's been pretty nice lately so going back to the frozen nose hairs and ear muffs are quite depressing! This picture was last semester but its the same coat that I got from black Friday!! (i looove after thanksgiving shopping with the family! this was even the most successful year yet!) and that is why today I am sooo grateful for my: coat! (and Ashley for coming and picking me up from work so I don't have to walk in the cold!)
We were headed to devotional, don't we look like missionaries?! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dAy 6!

Today I am grateful for: Brian he is my best friend (well one of them!) today while I was stressing over school, feeling tired, and quite sick. He just laid on the floor by me and just talked. It was not anything big but it sure meant a lot to me! Brian is the person that prays for everyone else and hopes that they are doing the best that they can be, but he is also the person that can make me cry laughing, make me feel better when I am sad, or even make me become better at Mario cart racing so I can try to beat him (which I have been able to do once before... don't worry I still practicing!) and Brian is also the person you can tell anything to and know its safe. Brain is the best!! I am so grateful that he is my friend! :) that's why today I am especially grateful for: Brian! :)
This was at Lindsay and Travis wedding reception! we love to dance, even if its just spinning over and over again! :)
our family "Christmas eve" party! :) hence the reason I am in my footie pjs hahaha
this is Brian's "I am sooo cool" look... he loves this picture so I thought I would put it up since this post is all about him! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 5

Today I am grateful for Devotionals and Brother Charles W. Dahlquist: Below is our new BYU-I Center (boring name we know that's why we just call it the byuic for short) This building is AMAZING! It looks like a mini conference center and it is so beautiful! The byuic just got dedicated on December 17, 2010 so its brand spanking new, this is the first semester to have devotionals there. This building brings a different feeling (not that the heart where the devo. used to be didn't) Today Brother Dahlquist spoke and it was one of those talks that you just needed to hear! He also told the boys to be bold and ask the girls out, and also that its okay to hang out during the week but you need to be out on a date holding hands with a girl on the weekend. It was really funny! If you want to read his amazing talk go here: and click on the Jan. 18 devotional by Brother Charles W. Dahlquest. If its not up then keep trying it might not be streamed yet, and if you can't get to the link let me know and I will try something else! Trust me it is worth your time :)
ITS HUGE!! if you want the whole effect you are just going to have to come and visit me and we can go check it out together! I could even pull some strings and get a tour hooked up for you!
This is still during construction but you get the idea! Like I said come check it out ;) today I am grateful for devotionals and brother Dahlquist :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

day 4... home at last!

Today I am grateful for: Mountains! that sounds weird right? But its true! Today while driving home I realized how lucky we are around Utah and Idaho to have mountains! I love them! Inkom is so pretty too! I totally would not mind moving to a small town where everyone knows everyone and this is your view every morning! So today I am so grateful for gods creations and making everything so perfect!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 4... still in Inkom :)

Today I am grateful for: Just Dance! it's the best game on the WII its sooo fun. Today while hanging out at Brians house we had a blast playing games like "things" and "just dance" by the way I totally won the game "things" which I am totally going to buy I loved it! But there is just something about playing just dance with all of your friends.. and their moms! it was the best! tomorrow we go home which is sad but its been a great weekend! Melissa (my old roommate who is down in Salt Lake doing her student teaching even came up to visit! Yay so today I am grateful for: Just dance!
the boys playing "tell me what you want" from spice girls! :)
the indean

Saturday, January 15, 2011

day 3... in Inkom!

Today I am grateful for a lot of things... mainly a WARM home! Today my friends and I all came down to Inkom Idaho for the 3 day weekend. 3 of my friends are from here and so we came down for a sledding trip, worlds best cinnamon rolls, soups, games and a weekend away from school and most worries! There is hardly any service up here anyway so no phones are needed :) its the best! Today while sledding a few of us made a igloo (it had stairs, walls on the outside entrance and the inside could fit 4 of us maybe even more, it was just that all the rest of them got to cold so they all went inside) After spending all day in the snow it shows me how grateful I am a warm house to live in and that I don't have to worry about being cold living in Idaho! I am also grateful for friends who like to have fun and can be themselves :) so here's to the best weekend in Inkom, and trying to stay warm! :)
you can't even see both sides.. this thing was mongo! :) it brought me back to the good old days where me and my siblings would make forts every time it snowed!
Matt, Me, and Cameron! :) we are so cool!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 2

today I am grateful to be in Rexburg! Your are most likely thinking I am crazy but I LOVE it here! I have all I need... except money and my family lol but other than that I am set! We had a freak snow storm yesterday and this is only on of the few piles of snow around my house! The sidewalks are all ice sheets and when the sun comes out it all turns to slush, when its cold your nose hairs freeze and don't forget about the wind chill... but hey I still love it here! And that's why today I am grateful for: Rexburg!
P.S sorry the picture is so blurry obviously I am not the one taking it... thanks Cameron!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I just want to say how truly blessed I am for what I have. I am blessed to have a healthy body (well most of the time) a eternal family that loves and supports me, the best friends anyone could ever ask for, the chance to be a aunt, my testimony of this church and the comfort that that brings me, a temple in walking distance from my house, a school that I can gain a education and a testimony ( seriously there are not that many schools out there where you learn things from a worlds and the churches point of view, one of my classes I read conference talks and find how that can help me in PPE and its not even my religion class! its like everyday is Sunday and every class is Sunday school! I seriously love it!) I am blessed to have my R.A job this semester which is a answer to prayers and a testimony builder- the lord knows you and knows your needs! I am grateful for the knowledge that life does not end with death, but knowing that is just the "rest" of my life and a "rest" from this earthly life. I am grateful to know that prayer works and that lives can be changed because of it!
As you can tell I am so blessed and so grateful for it! This week one of our neighbor girls passed away due to cancer and it has just really shown me how fast life goes by and not to take anything for granted. I am going to start this new 30 photo challenge that my dad told me about (he said for the year but that is kinda long!) basically you just show what you are grateful for that day whether big or small! If you feel like you are extremely blessed or maybe you feeling over whelmed and stressed I encourage you to look for something every day that you are thankful to have and maybe even take a picture of it to show thanks for our Heavenly Father.
Today I am grateful for my grandparents! The ones on this earth and the ones watching over me in heaven. I am so blessed to have grown up in the family I did and that we can all be faithful member of the church. My grandma Craven is really a example to me these days. She always lets me know that she is thankful for me and praying for me. A while ago she sent me a letter that made my day, just telling me some stories about her friends and her testimony. My grandparents are my hero's and I don't know what I would do without them in my life! Thanks for all of the support and love it means the world to me! They are such example to me and today I am thankful for their legacy and for setting the example for me. I love you all and hope you all know how truly blessed we all are!Grandma and Grandpa Craven
Grandma and Grandpa Watson, keeping me safe from above! :) I love and miss you with all of my heart!

PS I know I didn't take these pictures but I couldn't pass up the time to thank them for everything they have done for me!
PSS school is going great! I am finally working on classes in my major (PPE) and loving it! ill post pictures and up date more later.. but duty call and I have to go to class!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So pretty much I have the best friends! :) I went to Ashleys house for new years eve and we partied hardy with a bunch of people! We have gotten together now for the last 3 years and it gets better everytime! I love it!
Christmas was a success! I got everything I wanted :) :) :) :) my parents are pretty much amazing. This year both of my parents got the exact same thing for each other (which was funny because all of the kids knew that they were getting each other them!)
Our New Years tradition is making Chinese food! normally we have the Watsons with us but they had to go and move to Texas :( we missed you guys! Well it is official its finally a new year! 2010 was a great year but I am officially not going to be a teen this year! whoot whoot!
This semester is going to be so fun, I am already starting into my major which means I am that much closer to graduating! yahooooooo