Saturday, January 15, 2011

day 3... in Inkom!

Today I am grateful for a lot of things... mainly a WARM home! Today my friends and I all came down to Inkom Idaho for the 3 day weekend. 3 of my friends are from here and so we came down for a sledding trip, worlds best cinnamon rolls, soups, games and a weekend away from school and most worries! There is hardly any service up here anyway so no phones are needed :) its the best! Today while sledding a few of us made a igloo (it had stairs, walls on the outside entrance and the inside could fit 4 of us maybe even more, it was just that all the rest of them got to cold so they all went inside) After spending all day in the snow it shows me how grateful I am a warm house to live in and that I don't have to worry about being cold living in Idaho! I am also grateful for friends who like to have fun and can be themselves :) so here's to the best weekend in Inkom, and trying to stay warm! :)
you can't even see both sides.. this thing was mongo! :) it brought me back to the good old days where me and my siblings would make forts every time it snowed!
Matt, Me, and Cameron! :) we are so cool!

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  1. Aw, good old Inkom stinkom ~ that's what we call it...don't know why though :) You are so cute! So glad you are having fun in the Idaho winter! Way to make memories :)