Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 down...

yahoo! they did it! :)
whoot whoot! welcome to the family austin! :)
just messin around at the reception!
i love my sisters!! all of them! :)
JUMP!! :) we did lots of fun jumping pictures you will just have to keep checking back for more pictures from their amazing photographer Chelsi! she did amazing!!
do you like our amazing cake?! us girls all helped make it!
my cute aunts! such big helps!!
becca, jen, me, and jillisa :)
it was a great day filled with lots of family, friends, food, candy, candy, candy, anything pink, yellow, orange or brown, and dancing! :) thats 3 down... 2 to go!! its crazy! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

votes are in... I WIN!!

So.. I bet you are wondering what I won. I have the BEST mother in the whole world, hands down, no questions asked, she is the best one out there!! She is sooo amazing I don't even know how she does all that she does. She can do everything and everything! She has almost planned Jillisa WHOLE wedding and making it all flow perfectly together its amazing! and in between the wedding and being a grandma, mom, and maid haha she has still made time for her calling (and my dads! hahaha). This weekend my parents were at senior honors (our stake celebrates all of the graduating seinors and takes them away for the weekend to party and stuff its super fun!) I honestly don't know how she did everything for this and the wedding at the same time! she is SUPER MOM! So there you have it my mom is the best mom in the world and I don't know what I would do without her! So thanks mom for all you do for me and the family you are amazing and I hope I can do half the things you do one day! Your my Hero I love you! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

since being home...

there has been lots of these... if you can't tell from this picture this is Jillisas bridal shower! We had 3 in 3 days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!) but she got tons of good gifts and we got to spend lots of time with the family and friends.
awww sisterly love! :)
lots of time with my favorite little ones! katelyn, auklin, and josh! :) (i LOVE being a aunt! especially when your the favorite aunt!!)
lots of playing outside! :) i LOVE this weather!!
there has been lots of good times and giggles!!
crafts, crafts, crafts! mostly getting ready for jillisas wedding on the 27th! what are we going to do when its all over?!
lots of family time!
and hanging out with katelyn! she is by far my favorite niece! and i am by far her favorite aunt! sorry to break it to you guys!! :) hehehe

what a cutie!! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

coming to a end...

Thursday was my last day in Rexburg for the semester. Its kinda a bitter sweet feeling but nothing Ican do about it now! hahaha I am sure going to miss my roommates expecially Melissa but we are rooming together in the fall again so all is good! :)
we had a HUGE bon fire (we even burnt a couch!) It was super windy but still sooo fun! But just a FYI if its thirsty Thursday and you went and got a bunch of drinks DON't drink them all minutes before you leave because 1. no bathrooms, 2. off roading with all the bumps don't help at all! and 3. you a girl so its hard to find TP and a place to go when you have to!
my epic shot for the night! this is Brian :)
told you the fire was huge!! i loved it and then after we all went to Dennys just like we used to and didn't end up getting home till around 3... which was not fun waking up at 6 in the morning for a final! but i passed and was on the road a few hours later! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

one year down...

well its official i have successfully FINALLY finished my first year of college!! gooo me :) its been: challenging, exciting, stressful, happy, sad, and much much more! many mixed emotions but it was all worth it! if i can handle this i can do ANYTHING so bring it on world i am ready for it!!
driving home for one of the very last times (last weekend) hahaha this is now....
this was then... the first time driving up to school!! notice in both pictures the back seat full of stuff!!
this was then... exactly one semester ago this was the night the power went out while cleaning for white glove. i learned my lesson this year and finished before dark!!
this is now... me and lindsay have both grown so much and have come so far!! i love lindsay she is the best i am sure going to miss her. and this semester sooo much has happened and i will never be the same again!! :) ahhhhh i love college!

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter weekend/conference

Easter weekend was super duper fun!! i drove home on friday and came back up on saturday! we enjoyed lots of conference, family, candy, and lots of driving! i came home with lindsay, travis, and jason. we hung out on friday night just taking it easy then went to the early morning session of conference, hung out in salt lake after exploring salt lake and enjoying the funny protestors! hahaha that night when all the boys went to the priesthood session all the girls got to work on our mod pod shoes for jillisas wedding!! i love spending time with the girls :) it was soo fun just talking and laughing and working on our shoes... some had more success then others *cough *cough chelsi! hahaha little miss crafty pants! sunday we looked for baskets and went back to salt lake for the afternoon session of conference, drove home had the traditional chicken salade for dinner and colored easter eggs!! such a great weekend!! and george even made it back home!! love that car :) above is our sneak peak at our shoes you are going to have to go to the wedding to see the finished project!! :)
coloring eggs! jason, me, jillisa, and chelsi
happy conference!! :) and easter! (lindsay, and travis)
isn't that just the most georgous temple!! :) i love salt lake!!
me and jason at conference!