Thursday, April 8, 2010

one year down...

well its official i have successfully FINALLY finished my first year of college!! gooo me :) its been: challenging, exciting, stressful, happy, sad, and much much more! many mixed emotions but it was all worth it! if i can handle this i can do ANYTHING so bring it on world i am ready for it!!
driving home for one of the very last times (last weekend) hahaha this is now....
this was then... the first time driving up to school!! notice in both pictures the back seat full of stuff!!
this was then... exactly one semester ago this was the night the power went out while cleaning for white glove. i learned my lesson this year and finished before dark!!
this is now... me and lindsay have both grown so much and have come so far!! i love lindsay she is the best i am sure going to miss her. and this semester sooo much has happened and i will never be the same again!! :) ahhhhh i love college!

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  1. I'm so glad you loved College. It was the best. I loved it! So much still to experience. Brielle, you are so much more than Prime Rib and don't ever forget it. I love love love you!!!!!!!