Monday, April 12, 2010

coming to a end...

Thursday was my last day in Rexburg for the semester. Its kinda a bitter sweet feeling but nothing Ican do about it now! hahaha I am sure going to miss my roommates expecially Melissa but we are rooming together in the fall again so all is good! :)
we had a HUGE bon fire (we even burnt a couch!) It was super windy but still sooo fun! But just a FYI if its thirsty Thursday and you went and got a bunch of drinks DON't drink them all minutes before you leave because 1. no bathrooms, 2. off roading with all the bumps don't help at all! and 3. you a girl so its hard to find TP and a place to go when you have to!
my epic shot for the night! this is Brian :)
told you the fire was huge!! i loved it and then after we all went to Dennys just like we used to and didn't end up getting home till around 3... which was not fun waking up at 6 in the morning for a final! but i passed and was on the road a few hours later! :)

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