Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 Saturday morning Matt and I got on the shuttle at 3:00 AM and headed down to Layton for a day with my family!  It started with going to clean the church, then a day out with the girls shopping!  We came back to watch the BYU game and have a BBQ, and then headed to the Salt Lake Fair Grounds for a little rodeo action!!

 Dad even got us some roasted almonds, which he is still eating in this picture that I took!  Yummy!  I love the fair!  I love the people watching, giant corn dogs, fried food, family time, taste testing and much more!

 This just sends chills up my spine!  So proud to be an American! 

 Hahaha poor little girl, the horse went for like a good 3 minutes! haha oh and she was the only one in the arena going around with the flag so all eyes were on her! :) 

We were supposed to get back on the shuttle at 10 that night but thanks to my awesome family we got talked into staying till Sunday afternoon, good thing my Dad and Matt have the same shirt size! :)  Thanks for the awesome day familila!