Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today My mom, Jillisa, and I went dress shopping!! :) it got me thinking about the perfect shoes. I had never heard of the shoes call "Toms" until I went to school and my friend Brian is obsessed... okay not that bad but he has a few pairs and has been getting other people to buy them as well. I always wanted a pair but the bad thing is they are quite expensive and I can't see my self buying a shoe over 25 bucks... if you have not heard of these before they are quite cool. Every time you buy a pair it gives a child in need a new pair of shoes also- so really your not just buying shoes for yourself but for someone else as well and 2 pairs of shoes doesn't seem as bad with the price. So I was thinking what a better time then now to get some for the wedding!? It still in the deciding ideas but I think it would be fun, and charitable! So if I do get them I have another problem... what color?! Our colors are the colors of a peacock feather (deep purple, light blue, apple green, brown...) and so I could go with the fun colors like a plum/ dark purple...
or.... more of a white (these are glitter!!)
or... brown!
or... plain white!!
or... bright blue!! :)
so please help me pick!! What do you like the best let me know and maybe ill just have to wear then on my big day!! :)

my bad

For all of you who is wondering no I am not dead... just WAY behind! But what can I say life has been CrAzY! Here is a quick recap!
2. Finals were stressful, long, hard, and pointless... but over!
3. After school got out Matt and I headed down to Inkom for the weekend and got Brian, Curtis, Ashley, and Emily to join us which was a BLAST- and REALLY good to catch up with the girls again! :)
4. I started work at KSG again... long days, early mornings, but its money
5.Matt is working full time still driving the Salt Lake Express (which is nice because it means I get to see him every week!!)
6. Wedding plans are coming slowly but surely, we have flowers, and LOTS of ideas! :)
7. Matt came down this past weekend after driving all day- no joke! He worked at 3AM drove down to SLC got back in Rexburg around 4:30 PM just in time to catch the last bus to Utah, and I picked him up in Layton around 9PM... now that's true love for you! I went to work all day Friday and he stayed and helped my mom with wedding things and got lots done! That night we went out to eat with his sister Emily her husband Earl and their little girl Ellie (they came from Twin Falls so it was really fun to see them!)
8. Other than work, wedding, and sleep not much more is happening here! Sorry I have no pictures for this post ill work on getting some soon! :)