Saturday, April 16, 2011


Today My mom, Jillisa, and I went dress shopping!! :) it got me thinking about the perfect shoes. I had never heard of the shoes call "Toms" until I went to school and my friend Brian is obsessed... okay not that bad but he has a few pairs and has been getting other people to buy them as well. I always wanted a pair but the bad thing is they are quite expensive and I can't see my self buying a shoe over 25 bucks... if you have not heard of these before they are quite cool. Every time you buy a pair it gives a child in need a new pair of shoes also- so really your not just buying shoes for yourself but for someone else as well and 2 pairs of shoes doesn't seem as bad with the price. So I was thinking what a better time then now to get some for the wedding!? It still in the deciding ideas but I think it would be fun, and charitable! So if I do get them I have another problem... what color?! Our colors are the colors of a peacock feather (deep purple, light blue, apple green, brown...) and so I could go with the fun colors like a plum/ dark purple...
or.... more of a white (these are glitter!!)
or... brown!
or... plain white!!
or... bright blue!! :)
so please help me pick!! What do you like the best let me know and maybe ill just have to wear then on my big day!! :)


  1. I like the glitter ones or the blue :)

  2. glitter or white. :) I wore sparkly toms to prom and it was the greatest!