Friday, September 25, 2009

recent happenings!!

first: we made the best dollar investment ever! a sling shot!! it works great for water balloons, squash, eggs, milk cartons, garbage.. just about anything you can throw we have done it!! hahaha its so much fun and we have met tons of new people by doing so! who would have thought?? hahaha
second: this is eric and chris :) they are so tight!! we met them a a bon fire we went to on saturday and now we are like best friends they made us dinner the other night (i will tell you later on just keep reading) anyway so we have this amazing tree house in the back of our house and we all love watching scary movies so we went up there last night and watched the Village up in it! it was intense! but so much fun! until my computer died hahah but it worked out cause it was almost curfew anyway!
before the movie we went bowling and went to wendys for a frosty!
(this was the night before checking it out! the only bad part is like no one has been up there for a while so there is apples and leafs all over! nothing a little sweeping can't fix!)
third: tuesday night we were supposed to have dinner with the guys but they had a flag football game that they didn't know about... but no fear we still had a BLAST!! we went to walmart found dollar shirts, spray paint, fruit snacks, and juice boxes rushed home made our shirts grabbed the treats and went to the game!! hahaha it was so fun their name is the Moses Lake Mafia (they are from moses lake washington) their team loves us we were like the soccer moms chearing on our kids with treats and stuff! they call us their Mafia :)
(ashley just got off work when we picked her up so we just sprayed painted her shirt hahah)
Fourth: our Feasta (or however you spell it!) chris went to Mexico on his mission and loves to cook and he said he could make a mean enchaladia so we put it to the test! side note: our FHE dad tyler(the really tall one) and our brother are from moses lake also and they all knew eachother! small world! anyway so Chris (in blue) Eric (striped shirt) and Tyler came over and made us dinner that was really AMAZING!! we hung out the whole night doing lots of random things hahah it was so fun! and this was the 2nd time that some boys had come over to make us dinner! Cam came and made us tocos earlier!
this was at the bon fire!
fifth: sunday family dinner! we had the whole family over for dinner on sunday it was way yummy and fun!! there is Ashley, me, chad, matt, nate, chris, tyler, emily, lindsay, katie and rachel is taking the picture! well everything is going GREAT i love college life minus the lack of money, sleep, and my moms amazing dinners :( but other than that life is amazing!

roommates! :)

we went and took roommate pictures the other day so we can put them up in our living room!! but we didn't have anyone there to take them for us so we are going to go and take more later! but here are my amazing roommates! we all get along really well and are already best friends we do everything together!! except cleaning the house some how they are always gone when it needs to be done...?? strange!!

she normally is wearing glasses so she hates this picture cause it doesn't remind her of herself..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


friday night we went to the park and played around all night! it was fun! later we went across the hall and watched an old movie and ate no bake cookies! i love my appartment everyone is so nice! (and good looking guys!!)

hahahahah funny story.. so this is our new favortie game "trash-ka-ball" i live on the 3rd floor and are often to lazy to walk down to take the trash out so.... we go out on the balcony and chuck it (yes someone goes down just incase we miss.. and then moset the times throws it back up so we can practice some more! this apparently attracts boys hahahah we were out one night throwing our trash away (in pjs and looking kinda scary) when a kid named Matt was taking his trash also we got to talking and long story short (to late for that) i met 7 new guys that came over later for fresh cookies and games! hahahah its way fun and we have gotten our other neighbors to join in!! first day of school!!! here i come!!
playing nintendo 64 :)
we love making cookies!!
this is my new friend Kirby Heyborn! he totally snuck me and my roommates and about 10 other people back stage.!! want the story?? i will tell you anyway! we were kinda in the back of the line and had to line up down this hall (that was so so hot! we were dying) and there was like this door right by us that we were just making jokes about how it leads back stage and we could have gone and snuck in... well the next thing i know KIRBY HEYBORN IS STANDING RIGHT THERE!!!! AHHHHHH IT WAS CRAZY!! so we just started talking to him we all said hi and Lindsay (my roommate) asked him how his night was going he said wonderful and asked us the same i said it was Way hot!! just then he pointed to Emily (also my roommate) and said okay you guys come with me and told her that she was the end of the line and to stop the people after her! so next things next we were there back stage talking! some crazy lady started yelling to get out but Kirby just kept saying that we were with him and that it was okay! so we got front row seats and he kept eye contact and kept calling us his possy the whole show! it was AMAZING!! i am depressed we didn't get any picutures with him cause it was to late after the show! but the picutures i do have are not even zoomed in!! we were that close! he is was funny sings great and has the coolest possy!! hahaha yeah i was there!! still can't believe it so there is my story of how i am first becoming famous!!
i have no idea who this girl was.. hahahah but all well
left to right: me, Lindsay, Ashley, Emily (roommates!) we hit it off perfect and are all best friends i love theses girls so much i also have 2 other roommates named Rachel and Katie!
Emily is a great cook and loves to make things home made... most of which is cookies at 12:00 in the morning!! hahahah got to love college

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

this is the start of something GREAT!!

here are 2 of my really cute room mates! sorry this is a bad picture it was late and we were crazy and tierd!! Emily in the red pants and Lindsay in the blue! they are so much fun! so much stress over not haveing good ones for nothing! they are amazing! we spent most the night just talking with eachother!
me and ashely getting ready for bed!!
ashleys part of our TINY room (all the other ones are big we are just peacemakers!)

my cute little part of the room!! i have a bunck bed! way hard to make my bed in the morning but way cute!! as you can see i love picutes and this is not even half! so please send me tons!! i would love to hear from you my address is fThe Pines 140 W 2nd S Rexburg Idaho 83440 appartment number 10!! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

catching up...

First: Kasey and Chelsi are fixing up the home they just bought! these are some demo pictures work is going good stay tuned for the finally pictures!!

cute little Katelyn
my cute little niece and nephew katelyn and auklin!!

grandma and auklin! aren't they so cute!!
the next big news.... I AM GOING UP TO BYU IDAHO TOMORROW (sunday the 6th) Mom, Dad, Jillisa, Kyron and i are going to sleep over in Idaho Falls and start moving me in to my apratment: The Pines on monday! its crazy this is one of my roommates Ashley!! :) best friends ever since kindergarten!! i can't wait!
our camp reunion! sorry the pictures are kinda blurry... i am trying to upload a movie of our sycronized dance we came up with its pretty funny! hahahahah so if it works ENJOY! lol the picture below says camp! if you couldn't tell :)

Last but not least! Mindy had her baby!! yahoo cute little baby josh! Joshua Michael was 9 pounds 22 inches long and doing great! they were able to come home the next day :) Grandpa Great loves little kids and loves to hold them he just lights up :) we went and saw UP as a family the Davis District Seminary teachers rented out Kaysville theater so we could all go watch it for only a buck! it was so much fun and a good last hoora with my family before i go!
grandma and grandpa and josh :)
we are so cute :) jillisa me and my adorable mom!! crazy that she is a grandmother of 3 grandkids!! ahhhhh
me and baby josh in the hospital :)

and.... I GOT GLASSES!! :) you like?
me and Katie bug!! i love this girl :)