Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tooo cute not to share! land lots of updating!

I LOVE being a aunt! And I just happen to have the cutest niece and nephews! Not to mention they are all getting along really well and love to play with each other! :)
Even share their toys! hahah is this just not the cutest thing ever?! oh i love them!!

true joy right there!

with grandma being in the hospital for the last 2 weeks we had lot of little visits. She is now finally moved to the rehab center in Clearfield which is a much better and faster drive and it means that she is finally getting better! :) extra props go out to my mom and my uncle Donnlee who has made sure they are always there everyday of every possible moment! :)
isn't he just adorable!?

Josh man!

Look who just turned 1! :) Josh turned 1 on saturday so we had a little family party on sunday to celebrate! He sure did love his cake!
Mindy made really cute "ball" cakes for his birthday! It was a really fun day and fun to be with the family before I head back to school this week! :)

oh how I love the fairs! :)

Ashley and I went to Weber County Fair and got a cartoon drawing! We have both wanted to do this and just decided to finally do it! So what do you think?! pretty cool hu! :) The next friday we went to the Davis County Fair with my family and entered a blind folded lawn mower maze race!
Kasey and Kyron... the person driving is blind folded while the passenger is yelling directions and were to turn to dodge the tennis balls so you don't get your time deducted! we learned that Kyron doesn't really know his left and rights during this.. Kasey kept yelling "hard left hard left" and where would Kryon go... yup hard right hard right! hahaha but some how they did not knock over a tennis ball
Ashely and I... just want to say that we didn't knock over one tennis ball! :)
Mindy and Mike went first so they say that they had the disadvantage but they also knocked over a few tennis balls... haha so who won you ask??? scroll down!
YUP thats right me and Ashley did! We won the grand prize to a night stay in Eden... hahah but we traded it with Kasey and Kyron for the second place prize a mini BBQ grill and camp chairs we thought this would fit us better and so Kasey and Chelsi could have the nights stay. Mindy and Mike got third place and a cute little plastic trofy! hahah good job guys! :) It was pretty fun though when the anouncer kept saying "the next couple" or "welcome to the couples challenge..." hahahah so that was kinda awakward with Mindy and Mike being the only real "couple" but it was still fun never the less!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

This is totally one of my new favorite songs! But just before you wanna use it for you wedding video I would check out the music video.. might change you mind hahah super cute! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

St. George! :)

We went to St. George for our family vacation! It was sooo fun and good to get away. We went to Zions national park, kolob national park, Las Vagas, church history sites (Brigham Young winter home, mountain meadow massacre, and the temple) Lots and lots of swimming, tarzan at Tuachon, we played lots of minute to win it games, and just hung out! :) the weather was even great for the first few days, but got hot for shopping in golfing! I have a lot of pictures so just feel free to roam ill try to explain what they are if you couldn't already figure it out! :)
eating dinner at the brick oven before we went to go see tarzan which was the COOLEST thing ever! I strongly suggest anyone going and seeing this!

Weeping rock or something like that on one of the trials at Zions. This was cool to! the rock was seriously dripping water from no where!
minute to win it games!
the coco cola factory in Las Vagas. Katelyn loved this creepy bear!
Kolob :)
good looking family hu?!

weeping rock again..
zions! pretty epic picture!
lots of car rides, this is katelyns favorite thing to do! isn't she cute :)
I LOVE MY SISTERS!! :) Jillisa thinks she looks prego in this picture so if you thought she did to just know that she isn't hahaha
my amazing daddy! :)

my great great great grandpa Henry Lunt, what an amazing man :) also the founder of ceder city!