Saturday, October 31, 2009

my dear sweet grandpa!

my sweet grandpa watson passed away today! he will be greatly missed! its such a blessing for him though, he has been threw so much pain with Parkinson and other medical problems he has had. there is many things that will be missed especially his giant bear hugs! my grandpa gives the best hugs in the world! he is such a wonderful grandpa and we are just remembering the happy times and the healthy grandpa that we all know! i love you grandpa and love you tons you will be missed!!
grandpa would light up and totally change personalities he loves little kids and watching over them! to bad the little kids wont remember this amazing man! their great grandpa! this is auklin when he got blessed
grandpa 84( i think) birthday party is died at 85. he loves my grandpa with all his heart!
my sweet grandparents! i love you grandma and grandpa!
probably the last picture of him smiling! this is the grandpa we all need to remember! the good old days when he was not sick!
josh and grandpa! we love you and am so glad that you can finally feel no pain! thank goodness for eternal family's! i will see you soon grandpa!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

family pictures! fianlly!!

these are not all of them but a few! :)
when i came home this last weekend we decided to take some family pictures! its about time that last time we took them katelyn was 1.. i think but we now have josh and auklin! so we had to update! katelyn got a little grumpy towards well the begining (lack of sleep and hungry i think) so we are going to take some more around thanksgiving! but we got a few good ones that we can hang up until then! :)
kasey, auklin, and chelsi! so so cute! :)

all the "single" siblings!

awww isn't my family just so so cute! (look at katelyn.. you can see how she was the whole time!) thanks debbie for helping us take them and entertain the little ones!

"original" siblings! we love you mike and chelsi :)

last but not least the whole fam.! this was one of the best ones yet! look how georgous my mom is! dang is she looking good! i love you mom! i am so glad that we are all so tight knit and love eachother! we are all best friends! i love my famliy to death and am so greatful to be with them for time and all eturnity! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

ode to home :)

i just wanted to tell my amazing family how much i miss and love them! i am so blessed to have you and don't know what i would do without you! thanks for all the loving words and text :) you make my day every time i get one! to my parents: thank you so much for all that you have done for me i think i took for granted a lot of the things that you did for me like a fridge of food, clean clothes (without paying) and just a smile to brighten my day love you tons!!:)
to my favorite siblings: i don't know what i would do without you either! it was so hard leaving you especially you ky i know we tease you but your one of my best friends and i don't know how i would live without you! thanks beaner for all the facebook comments i love reading them and looking back at better times! mindy and mike! thanks for the pictures and texts! i hope you are likeing living in your own house again! kasey and chelsi- thanks for your examples and love and just checking up on me whenever i love you all and miss you so so much!
our famous dog pile for every family picture we have! :)
doug and emmys (this is granny annies but same thing! )
i love you jillisa and look up to you so much! you have been though so much and i admire you for moving on and loving life still!

arent we so so cute! i love you guys and my adorable mom! don't worry i will ask that question you know which one i am talking about when i find that right guy! :)
to my adorable little ones: i know you can't read or really remember who i am but just know that i miss you guys so much! i love being a aunt! you are so blessed to have the family you do! we are awsome!:) thanks for the cute pictures (chelsi your the best!) i love seeing your smiling faces! xoxoxo
my adorable katelyn! love you tons! i don't have any pictures of baby josh up! but i miss and love him tons to! he gets so big so fast! crazy how time flys! well don't forget about me up here i am only a letter or phone call away! xoxoxo

Sunday, October 11, 2009

recent activities!!

we are still going to the mafia games... even though the cold is getting to us! but whenever we go they win! :) go us!!
cheap kid bowling... hahaha we got theses for lindsays birthday and totally just go bowling in the parking lot instead of paying tons of money to go for real!
sorry the picture is sideways! this is Ret this was just one of the many punch ball balloons we throw off the balcony!

chris is a ninja! hahaha i don't know how he jumps this high he just does! we were taking pictures waiting for the rest of our group to come so we could go to the haunted straw maze!

katie and me in the maze.. which was quite difficult! there was clowns (which i am TERIFFIED of and they would not leave me alone!) and creepy screamer guys ontop of the stacks of straw it was creepy!
last... for my birthday my amazing sister Mindy got me a 100 things to do when you are boerd jar. saturday morning we broke it open and picked out " set up a mini army seen with plastic figures and shoot them down with rubber bands" so we did it! hahaha it was so funny and fun to do! you should try it some time! if you need some figures you know who to call! college life is GREAT tons of fun where friday is every night.. except you can't sleep in the next morning! but don't worry mom i am still doing my homework! i get alot of it done when i go to work but i did just remember i still have a bunch to do that i was trying to forget about... so i better go get to work! love you all don't forget i love to get packages and letters! its the best so don't forget about me i am just a few hours aways if that! :)

lindsays birthday!

happy birthday lindsay! she just turned 19! yahooo :) one year older and wiser to? not to sure about wiser... hahahaha just kidding!
me and rachel at her party! :)
of course we have to shoot water balloons our new favorite... punch ball balloons- yeah those HUGE things we just dump them over the side it so funny! and makes a HUGE splash
lindsays sister ashley came down from washington and surprised her for her birthday! what a good sister. it was fun to hang out with her this weekend and get to know her they are almost the same!
opening a letter from one of her brothers on a mission (she has twin brothers out right now!) it was a way fun birthday! :)

going home! :)

hip hip horray for going home!! :) i was lucky to come down to weeks in a row.. the first week being a total surprise and the second week for conference! i love the prophets they are amazing! me and some of my roommates all got to go together because of my amazing dad! :) we also met up with mindy and mike after! :) everyone is getting so big! baby josh is huge from when i saw him last. katelyn talk like crazy, she says the cutest things with her adorable voice, and auklin is just as cute as ever and loves to be loved! :)

driveing home! lindsay, emily, ashley, and me! thanks emily for driving! and to the car that followed us the WHOLE way exact moves and everything for the enjoyment! hahahah coming back to school this time was a lot harder not knowing exactly when i am going to see my family next! :( the car ride back was not so fun the first hour...
adorable katelyn and auklin! she loves to hold him and baby josh! she is such a good big sister if you keep reminding her to be soft!!