Sunday, October 11, 2009

going home! :)

hip hip horray for going home!! :) i was lucky to come down to weeks in a row.. the first week being a total surprise and the second week for conference! i love the prophets they are amazing! me and some of my roommates all got to go together because of my amazing dad! :) we also met up with mindy and mike after! :) everyone is getting so big! baby josh is huge from when i saw him last. katelyn talk like crazy, she says the cutest things with her adorable voice, and auklin is just as cute as ever and loves to be loved! :)

driveing home! lindsay, emily, ashley, and me! thanks emily for driving! and to the car that followed us the WHOLE way exact moves and everything for the enjoyment! hahahah coming back to school this time was a lot harder not knowing exactly when i am going to see my family next! :( the car ride back was not so fun the first hour...
adorable katelyn and auklin! she loves to hold him and baby josh! she is such a good big sister if you keep reminding her to be soft!!

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