Tuesday, October 27, 2009

family pictures! fianlly!!

these are not all of them but a few! :)
when i came home this last weekend we decided to take some family pictures! its about time that last time we took them katelyn was 1.. i think but we now have josh and auklin! so we had to update! katelyn got a little grumpy towards well the begining (lack of sleep and hungry i think) so we are going to take some more around thanksgiving! but we got a few good ones that we can hang up until then! :)
kasey, auklin, and chelsi! so so cute! :)

all the "single" siblings!

awww isn't my family just so so cute! (look at katelyn.. you can see how she was the whole time!) thanks debbie for helping us take them and entertain the little ones!

"original" siblings! we love you mike and chelsi :)

last but not least the whole fam.! this was one of the best ones yet! look how georgous my mom is! dang is she looking good! i love you mom! i am so glad that we are all so tight knit and love eachother! we are all best friends! i love my famliy to death and am so greatful to be with them for time and all eturnity! :)

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