Sunday, October 11, 2009

recent activities!!

we are still going to the mafia games... even though the cold is getting to us! but whenever we go they win! :) go us!!
cheap kid bowling... hahaha we got theses for lindsays birthday and totally just go bowling in the parking lot instead of paying tons of money to go for real!
sorry the picture is sideways! this is Ret this was just one of the many punch ball balloons we throw off the balcony!

chris is a ninja! hahaha i don't know how he jumps this high he just does! we were taking pictures waiting for the rest of our group to come so we could go to the haunted straw maze!

katie and me in the maze.. which was quite difficult! there was clowns (which i am TERIFFIED of and they would not leave me alone!) and creepy screamer guys ontop of the stacks of straw it was creepy!
last... for my birthday my amazing sister Mindy got me a 100 things to do when you are boerd jar. saturday morning we broke it open and picked out " set up a mini army seen with plastic figures and shoot them down with rubber bands" so we did it! hahaha it was so funny and fun to do! you should try it some time! if you need some figures you know who to call! college life is GREAT tons of fun where friday is every night.. except you can't sleep in the next morning! but don't worry mom i am still doing my homework! i get alot of it done when i go to work but i did just remember i still have a bunch to do that i was trying to forget about... so i better go get to work! love you all don't forget i love to get packages and letters! its the best so don't forget about me i am just a few hours aways if that! :)

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