Saturday, October 31, 2009

my dear sweet grandpa!

my sweet grandpa watson passed away today! he will be greatly missed! its such a blessing for him though, he has been threw so much pain with Parkinson and other medical problems he has had. there is many things that will be missed especially his giant bear hugs! my grandpa gives the best hugs in the world! he is such a wonderful grandpa and we are just remembering the happy times and the healthy grandpa that we all know! i love you grandpa and love you tons you will be missed!!
grandpa would light up and totally change personalities he loves little kids and watching over them! to bad the little kids wont remember this amazing man! their great grandpa! this is auklin when he got blessed
grandpa 84( i think) birthday party is died at 85. he loves my grandpa with all his heart!
my sweet grandparents! i love you grandma and grandpa!
probably the last picture of him smiling! this is the grandpa we all need to remember! the good old days when he was not sick!
josh and grandpa! we love you and am so glad that you can finally feel no pain! thank goodness for eternal family's! i will see you soon grandpa!

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  1. Thanks for the sweet entry about grandpa. I'm so grateful my children have no regrets and have fond memories of our life with him over the last 15 or so years. It's going to be very different without him around! I love, love, love you!!!