Saturday, May 22, 2010

long past due!!

be prepared this is a long one! i gotta catch you up though everything that has happened in MAY! crazy i know! so enjoy! (above: auklin is just such a stud! :) and super funny! love him!!)
Jillisa and Austin bought a new house!! hooray!! but yup you guessed it its a fixer upper! good thing this kind of work is right out our alley!
i got a job! its just back at my old summer job at KSG distributing.. really bites waking up at 6:00 every morning but its the price i have to pay to go to school again! haha so these are just some of my friends there... in the below picture... its alisha, eliana, kyle, austin, andrew, erika, and kyle! don't worry we are at break we don't just normally all just sit around..

its also birthday month! (these are in the wrong order but you still get to see whos it was) chelsis was on the 19! we went to kyrons end of the year concert that evening to- which was painful at times but they all did pretty well!
me and mindy!
not sure if you can tell either in this picture but i also cut my hair! sadly i know but it was time and it turned out super cute! thanks jilli!
kyrons group singing.. it was all the school choirs!
jillisas birthday was on the 18, austins on the 20 so we just celebrated them together at their new house!
auklin loves to play outside! when the weather is nice that is! is may! geeze what is with this weather?!
dads birthday was on the 16th! he turned the big 51!! he looks pretty good for his age we all thought he was 41.. hahah
kyron was in another play at his school called the mystery maze it was cute and you gotta follow people and find the killer.. he also got to kiss this super cute girl! go ky!! he was the cop by the way!
kasey and dad ran into some problems when putting in kaseys front lawn... that was a project for sure! he only put sod on this side of his lawn i don't have a picture of the finished thing yet sorry.. stay tuned i am sure i will soon!
yup... more house work! we were priming the car port...
happy new house! i will get some befores, inbetweens soon and the afters when its all done! stay tuned for that to!
KYRON IS DRIVING!!! AHHHHH so i put the helmet in the car!! :)
it was my birthday on the 9th..
mothers day!! i love love love my amazing mom! :)
lastly! i just wanted to say i love being a aunt! :) i love my little miss katelyn even if she is CRAZY!! but hey she is 2! :) hope you enjoyed all the pictures!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

job hunting...

Help Please!! I need some major help finding a job for this summer! anyone have any really good ideas?! my mom says "its all about who you know, not what you can do!" so i am asking all the people i know if they can help me think of someone or something i can do for the summer! if you have any ideas let me know! thanks a bunch!!

photo shoot of Auklin! :)

On Sunday our ward got the chance to go down to the conference center and listen to the prophets speak for regional conference, it was such a good meeting and fun to be with the whole family! On the way home I had a little photo shoot with Auklin! :) He is the MOST FLEXIBLE baby ever I swear!! The picture above shows a little bit of his talent! yes that is his foot... hahaha
He also has a soft side to him.. hahah or just lets his aunt put flowers in his hair heheh but hey I am supposed to that's what aunts do! :)
here is a normal picture of the happy, adorable, smiley little boy!! :)
going in for the kiss! he is going to be one kind of a heart breaker!
yay! i love being a aunt!! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! its my amazing sisters birthday! she is the best sister anyone could ask for, she is the peacemaker in our family. Her two little kids katelyn and josh keep her busy for sure but she always finds time to have fun and show her support for her family! i hope you have a great day! love love love you!! :)