Thursday, May 6, 2010

photo shoot of Auklin! :)

On Sunday our ward got the chance to go down to the conference center and listen to the prophets speak for regional conference, it was such a good meeting and fun to be with the whole family! On the way home I had a little photo shoot with Auklin! :) He is the MOST FLEXIBLE baby ever I swear!! The picture above shows a little bit of his talent! yes that is his foot... hahaha
He also has a soft side to him.. hahah or just lets his aunt put flowers in his hair heheh but hey I am supposed to that's what aunts do! :)
here is a normal picture of the happy, adorable, smiley little boy!! :)
going in for the kiss! he is going to be one kind of a heart breaker!
yay! i love being a aunt!! :)

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