Monday, February 21, 2011

You know your in Inkom when....

This past 3 day weekend we (Matt, Me, Brian, Melissa, Drew, Ashley) all went to Inkom. Its kind of a joke between us that Inkom is so small everyone is family and so on... well here are some examples of "you know you are in Inkom when" yes all of these did happen, some of them might sound worst then they really were but there are lots of inside jokes :) enjoy! In no particular order:

1. Ashley waking up calling Karl's name. (Note she is dating Drew... haha)
2. Your boyfriends dad calls you hot.
3. (singing) "there's something there that wasn't there before!"
4. Every one at church asks when the wedding is.
5. You haven't changed out of your pjs for 2 days.
6. Margaret's cinnamon rolls!
7. You watch movie after movie, play game after game!
8. Your phone has no service... wherever you go.
9. When you get told-"good girl, now fetch"
10. When someone asks "Who's turn is it?" and it's always... Ashleys!
11. You listen to the Hanson's "MMM Bop" on cassette tape.
12. You can't find anything else to do except throw around a exercise ball for fun...
13. All you seem to do is SLEEP!

Playing hot potato with a exercise ball filled with sand...
Me and Matt :)
hahahahahahahahahahahah- enough said!
Mel went back to the good old days of cassette tapes and old bands!
first batch of cinnamon rolls, Margaret (Matts mom) let me learn the art of her cinnamon rolls, but there is just something about it when your mom makes it, you can't top it!
lots and lots of sleeping! :)
No we did not do this to him.. it was all by himself. Not to mention this was about a 6 hour nap for Brian, meaning that that night me and him were up till late laughing at our own jokes and making up songs...

*sorry is this post makes no since... basically all you need to know is I LOVE INKOM! And this weekend was just what I needed: sleep, food, movies, games, relaxation, NO HOMEWORK, and NO stress!! :) Next break: UTAH!! :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

in the past week...

So much has happened! :) Read on to see what about....
Melissa came to visit for the weekend so we went to Idaho Falls and had dinner and hung out! :) That was kind of a crazy day because Matt and I were just getting back from Inkom. But it was so fun to have the gang back together again :)
I have always wanted to cut someones hair and I kept telling Brian that I would help him cut his so I could learn how and he was all for it until one night at work I got a text from him that said he had whacked it... turns out the guard on the blade fell off and so instead of having one strip of buzzed hair he had to buzz it all off... poor Brian he should have waited because later that week Drew let me cut his!! :)
This is the before (a few days earlier but I don't have any of the before's on my camera... but you get the idea)
and the after!! :) I would say I did quite well... the front of his hair flips to the side normally so even though it looks like its un even its really not! Thanks Drew for being my first and letting me practice on you! :)
For Valentines day Matt had to work :( but he still got me some beautiful roses!! :) isn't he the best?!
I found out that Ashley is addicted to string cheese- no joke she has like 5 or 6 a day!
And Cameron is addicted to blocked cheese... yes that was a whole block of cheese but he just eats it like a apple... interesting yes! haha but it must run in the family... I guess the Bullocks love cheese- no matter what way or kind :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This ones for Drew...

This is my friend Drew. He keeps things interesting! hahaha But in a good way :) He came to me really worried today that I had not updated my blog recently and he was concerned I stopped blogging. So here you go Drew! :) Thanks for always being happy and making everyone laugh! Your the bestest! Not a day goes by that he does not do something or says something that just makes you wanna die from laughing! He says he is the most good looking guy out there.. but sorry ladies he is already taken! Drew is the best friend you all wish you had.. and lucky for me I do have! :) Thanks again Drew! ps. How YOU do-win?!
*side note! Valentines was a hit! Even though Matt had to work he still managed to get me some roses that totally made my day! I am excited for this 3 day weekend to head down to Inkom (I know what your thinking.. AGAIN?!) but what can I say I love it there! :) I hope everyone had a fabulous week! Keep smiling! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

day 30! LaSt DaY!!

Today I decided to save the best for last: My roommate ASHLEY!! :) she kept asking me when I was going to blog about her... well today is the day! :) She is the best, and I don't know what I would do without her! She keeps me on my toes lol I never stop laughing when I am with her. Ashley made me take both early morning classes with her and basically she has to jump off her bed onto mine some days.. hahaha She is the best :) So Ashley today is for you! I don't know what I would do without you, thank you for all you do for me! :) She is really going to kill me for putting this up but this is the Ashley that I know and love!! Isn't she sexy?!

Don't worry this isn't what she wore we were just messing around while getting ready for the day! :)

Day 29...

Today I am grateful for: answers to prayers! Today Matt and I drove to Inkom to get some new tires from cosco... well did I mention we drove down on his spare donut tire?! yeah talk about SCARY!! But our prayers were answered and we totally made it... going 75 the whole time! Last night was so fun also, we went to dinner with his family, went to a wedding reception that the boys were supposed to sing at but fell though :( drove around ISU to find a Jazz concert that we knew the girl that was singing- but couldn't find the right place (meaning our surprise fell though) played games, did homework, and started to watch a movie! It was such a good night, totally random but the best! I am still in shock we made it from Rexburg on his tire, with only one scare! Thats why today I am grateful for: answers to prayers!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 28!

Today I am grateful for: The Founding Fathers! Brian LOVES watching "history filled" movies (he is the one you want to ask for any of those types of questions!) Anyway so we started watching the John Adams series this week and even though I sleep though most of the movie (hey I am a tired girl!) They are still so entertaining to learn about. Its amazing how everything fits so perfectly, how can you not see Gods hand in it?! We are SO blessed to live in a free country and I am so thankful for the men and women who came before me to pave the way so that we can be where we are today. When we watched the episode where the Decoration of Independence was finally finished I just got the chills! Its so amazing, not to mention the swearing in of our first president, George Washington! Today I just feel extremely blessed and grateful for the sacrifices that these men made for my benefit! That is why today I am grateful for: The Founding Fathers!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 27!

Today I am grateful for: Reese chocolate eggs!! aka HEAVEN! I had been wanting one all day as Meaghan calls it "they are my grenade" So I went home to get ready to go and do clean checks and Meaghan offered me one... totally made my day!!! :) Thanks Meaghan! Its crazy how much joy a small piece of chocolate can bring... maybe its just a girl thing or maybe its a Brielle thing, I don't know but all I do know is today I am grateful for: Reese chocolate eggs!! :)
A little piece of heaven!! :)

day 26!

Today I am grateful for my: "P" coat!! No not the one Kyron made me... the one my parents got me :) I love not having to wear my huge coat when I am dressed up all nice :) its the best and soooo warm :) So thanks mom and dad for the amazing coat!! I love love love you!! that's why today I am grateful for my: "P" coat :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

facebook official..

So for all of you who are not my friends on facebook or just like to be updated on here... I am making it blogging official- I am dating the best guy!! :) His name is Mattew (aka Matt) Hunt! That name should sound familiar due to the fact that he is one of my good guy friends.. or was ;) now I call him my boyfriend! This whole dating thing is still new to me but he is seriously the best guy ever! He takes me to and from work, carries all my junk, he makes sure I do my homework-on time, and makes sure I eat (with lack of mulah thats kinda hard lol) He is so fun to be around, he has the most AMAZING voice also! I could listen to him sing all day! He has the best family and makes me laugh all the time! :) He hold his priesthood worthy and is seriously the best example to me. Not to mention he is a RM (he went to Arizona) :) which ranks high on me list!! he is seriously the best!! So there you have it its not blog official and I couldn't be happier!! :) :) We are working on taking lots of pictures of just us... we have lots with other people so I don't really have any but I am sure you will be seeing lots in the near future!! :)
isn't he so cute!? :) he makes me laugh!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

day 25 :)

Today I am grateful for my: glasses... random? yes but I am! I normally don't ware them all day especially when its snowing outside but today I did and I could see everything! Sometimes I wish I had contacts, then then I think I don't really need them because if I have been not wearing my glasses for a while then I don't really see any difference until... I put them on! Its seriously a miracle, as strange as that is. One little piece of glass and my world is clear! Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little but for all of you who don't have perfect vision you know what I mean! So that is why today I am grateful for my: glasses!
p.s there is also something about glasses that make you look/feel smarter! :)
me and my roommate Ashley! :) isn't she cute!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

day 24... almost there!

today I am grateful for: church! I was home this week and had the opportunity to go and listen to my moms lesson. It was amazing! she is the best teacher!! We talked about how now is the time to start preparing for marriage/ life, and how we need to be the best we can be now. She had an object lesson with a beautifully stunning wrapped box, gorgeous on the outside but when you opened it there was nothing on the inside. She related it to how you can't just prepare your looks and outward appearance that really its the inside that matters. No guy is going to want the most beautiful girl if all she has is her looks. It was one of those lessons that you hear a lot but this time it really hit home for me. I guess it is just because I am at that age when marriage is closer than when I was in young woman's.- isn't that crazy to think about?! It is for me! :) Anyway basically church was amazing today (don't you just love testimony meetings?!hahah) and that is why today I am grateful for: church!! :)
ps... I made it home safely before the snow hit Rexburg for all of you wondering! :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 23!

Today I am grateful for: coming home!! I got to come home this weekend with George to help my mom babysit Katelyn and Josh while they were out of town. :) I had been missing them so much and really wanted to come home anyway so it worked out perfect! FYI I am still Katelyns favorite aunt, being so far away hasn't changed that! :) I love being with them! I also got to do all of my laundry (for FREEEE) :) and free food :) not to mention I actually have good meals! yay!! Thats why I am super grateful for: coming home! :)

Melissa is student teaching in Salt Lake so she came down to play for the night!! :) Oh how i missss her!
They don't look very happy but they were! :)
I love my little miss Katelyn!

day 22 :)

today I am grateful for: FAST INTERNET! As grateful as I am to have internet already paid for in my housing it sure is nice to come home (to my house in Layton) and have FAST internet!! Its amazing! I forgot how nice it was not having to wait for a you tube video or blog to load... Our Hotsite provider at the Pines BITES, and I am not looking forward to returning to it :( so until then I am grateful for: fast internet! :) (isn't that crazy how far things have come I can still remember sitting down at the computer and having to use dial up connection just to get on...crazy!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 21!!

Today I am grateful for: hot chocolate and cookies! :) I had to work tonight and my office for some reason blows cold air on my all night, and it doesn't help that I am already FREEZING all day long! Well tonight there was tours going on for the new BYU-I center and so in the Manwaring Center aks the MC there were handing out FREE hot chocolate and cookies!! :) it was the best and totally made my night.. I probably had one to many cookies :/ but the hot chocolate was sure nice on my hands ( they never have enough chocolate when they are free... hahah) So on this week where the weather has been -22 somedays with a wind chill of who knows how much I am really grateful for: hot chocolate and cookies!! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 20... 10 more to go! :)

Today I am grateful for my brother: Kasey! random I know since I have not even been home but he is just the best big brother! If you know me at all I really like to brag about my family and tonight we got a little bored and I started looking though all of my videos and saw "the price is right" The one that him and all of his guy friends were on before they all went on their missions. I forgot how funny it was... watching Bob laugh his head off at Kasey dancing around after he won his oven and truck! hahaha He sure makes me laugh! Kasey is such an example to me and I look up to him so much!! Kasey is just the best brother ever, always looking out for me and telling me the full on truth in a good way! I doubt he will ever even see this but if you do Kasey just know I love and miss you! Thanks for all you do for me! :) that's why today I am grateful for: Kasey!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day 19

Today I am grateful for: humor! What a wonderful thing it is to laugh :) it brings a smile to your face and everyone else (if they thought it was funny...) I was watching a show today with the guys and they think it is the funniest show ever its called "outsource" I believe. I had never seen it and they were just busting up! Even though some of the things were over my head (which doesn't take much lol) I couldn't help laughing at them. I love laughing it turns my day around! That is why today I am grateful for: humor so I can laugh!! :)
I can't help but laugh at this picture every time I see it. We went to Yellowstone last semester for fun and got this... we had a joke that that was me because every time we saw animals I wanted to take a picture. We got pretty close to the buffalo and I just wanted to get closer... anything for a good picture right?! hence the reason everyone thought I would be gored by a buffalo. :)
No zooming baby! That is really that close to me! :) But no fear I wasn't harmed!

Day 18... starting to slack! my bad

Today I am grateful for: SUN! sorry I don't have any pictures of it because we have none! :( This morning while walking to class at 7:20 it was -5 degrees with a -22 wind chill! yeah now thats cold!!! I had a brain freeze, nose hairs froze, and frozen hair even though it was DRY! yup thats Rexburg! hence the reason that today I am grateful for the sun because I miss it so much. I just want it to be warm!! All well I can dream right?! thats why today I am grateful for: Sun!