Wednesday, February 2, 2011

day 20... 10 more to go! :)

Today I am grateful for my brother: Kasey! random I know since I have not even been home but he is just the best big brother! If you know me at all I really like to brag about my family and tonight we got a little bored and I started looking though all of my videos and saw "the price is right" The one that him and all of his guy friends were on before they all went on their missions. I forgot how funny it was... watching Bob laugh his head off at Kasey dancing around after he won his oven and truck! hahaha He sure makes me laugh! Kasey is such an example to me and I look up to him so much!! Kasey is just the best brother ever, always looking out for me and telling me the full on truth in a good way! I doubt he will ever even see this but if you do Kasey just know I love and miss you! Thanks for all you do for me! :) that's why today I am grateful for: Kasey!

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