Friday, February 18, 2011

in the past week...

So much has happened! :) Read on to see what about....
Melissa came to visit for the weekend so we went to Idaho Falls and had dinner and hung out! :) That was kind of a crazy day because Matt and I were just getting back from Inkom. But it was so fun to have the gang back together again :)
I have always wanted to cut someones hair and I kept telling Brian that I would help him cut his so I could learn how and he was all for it until one night at work I got a text from him that said he had whacked it... turns out the guard on the blade fell off and so instead of having one strip of buzzed hair he had to buzz it all off... poor Brian he should have waited because later that week Drew let me cut his!! :)
This is the before (a few days earlier but I don't have any of the before's on my camera... but you get the idea)
and the after!! :) I would say I did quite well... the front of his hair flips to the side normally so even though it looks like its un even its really not! Thanks Drew for being my first and letting me practice on you! :)
For Valentines day Matt had to work :( but he still got me some beautiful roses!! :) isn't he the best?!
I found out that Ashley is addicted to string cheese- no joke she has like 5 or 6 a day!
And Cameron is addicted to blocked cheese... yes that was a whole block of cheese but he just eats it like a apple... interesting yes! haha but it must run in the family... I guess the Bullocks love cheese- no matter what way or kind :)

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