Tuesday, February 1, 2011

day 19

Today I am grateful for: humor! What a wonderful thing it is to laugh :) it brings a smile to your face and everyone else (if they thought it was funny...) I was watching a show today with the guys and they think it is the funniest show ever its called "outsource" I believe. I had never seen it and they were just busting up! Even though some of the things were over my head (which doesn't take much lol) I couldn't help laughing at them. I love laughing it turns my day around! That is why today I am grateful for: humor so I can laugh!! :)
I can't help but laugh at this picture every time I see it. We went to Yellowstone last semester for fun and got this... we had a joke that that was me because every time we saw animals I wanted to take a picture. We got pretty close to the buffalo and I just wanted to get closer... anything for a good picture right?! hence the reason everyone thought I would be gored by a buffalo. :)
No zooming baby! That is really that close to me! :) But no fear I wasn't harmed!

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