Sunday, February 6, 2011

day 24... almost there!

today I am grateful for: church! I was home this week and had the opportunity to go and listen to my moms lesson. It was amazing! she is the best teacher!! We talked about how now is the time to start preparing for marriage/ life, and how we need to be the best we can be now. She had an object lesson with a beautifully stunning wrapped box, gorgeous on the outside but when you opened it there was nothing on the inside. She related it to how you can't just prepare your looks and outward appearance that really its the inside that matters. No guy is going to want the most beautiful girl if all she has is her looks. It was one of those lessons that you hear a lot but this time it really hit home for me. I guess it is just because I am at that age when marriage is closer than when I was in young woman's.- isn't that crazy to think about?! It is for me! :) Anyway basically church was amazing today (don't you just love testimony meetings?!hahah) and that is why today I am grateful for: church!! :)
ps... I made it home safely before the snow hit Rexburg for all of you wondering! :)

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