Monday, February 7, 2011

day 25 :)

Today I am grateful for my: glasses... random? yes but I am! I normally don't ware them all day especially when its snowing outside but today I did and I could see everything! Sometimes I wish I had contacts, then then I think I don't really need them because if I have been not wearing my glasses for a while then I don't really see any difference until... I put them on! Its seriously a miracle, as strange as that is. One little piece of glass and my world is clear! Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little but for all of you who don't have perfect vision you know what I mean! So that is why today I am grateful for my: glasses!
p.s there is also something about glasses that make you look/feel smarter! :)
me and my roommate Ashley! :) isn't she cute!!

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