Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 29...

Today I am grateful for: answers to prayers! Today Matt and I drove to Inkom to get some new tires from cosco... well did I mention we drove down on his spare donut tire?! yeah talk about SCARY!! But our prayers were answered and we totally made it... going 75 the whole time! Last night was so fun also, we went to dinner with his family, went to a wedding reception that the boys were supposed to sing at but fell though :( drove around ISU to find a Jazz concert that we knew the girl that was singing- but couldn't find the right place (meaning our surprise fell though) played games, did homework, and started to watch a movie! It was such a good night, totally random but the best! I am still in shock we made it from Rexburg on his tire, with only one scare! Thats why today I am grateful for: answers to prayers!

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