Monday, February 21, 2011

You know your in Inkom when....

This past 3 day weekend we (Matt, Me, Brian, Melissa, Drew, Ashley) all went to Inkom. Its kind of a joke between us that Inkom is so small everyone is family and so on... well here are some examples of "you know you are in Inkom when" yes all of these did happen, some of them might sound worst then they really were but there are lots of inside jokes :) enjoy! In no particular order:

1. Ashley waking up calling Karl's name. (Note she is dating Drew... haha)
2. Your boyfriends dad calls you hot.
3. (singing) "there's something there that wasn't there before!"
4. Every one at church asks when the wedding is.
5. You haven't changed out of your pjs for 2 days.
6. Margaret's cinnamon rolls!
7. You watch movie after movie, play game after game!
8. Your phone has no service... wherever you go.
9. When you get told-"good girl, now fetch"
10. When someone asks "Who's turn is it?" and it's always... Ashleys!
11. You listen to the Hanson's "MMM Bop" on cassette tape.
12. You can't find anything else to do except throw around a exercise ball for fun...
13. All you seem to do is SLEEP!

Playing hot potato with a exercise ball filled with sand...
Me and Matt :)
hahahahahahahahahahahah- enough said!
Mel went back to the good old days of cassette tapes and old bands!
first batch of cinnamon rolls, Margaret (Matts mom) let me learn the art of her cinnamon rolls, but there is just something about it when your mom makes it, you can't top it!
lots and lots of sleeping! :)
No we did not do this to him.. it was all by himself. Not to mention this was about a 6 hour nap for Brian, meaning that that night me and him were up till late laughing at our own jokes and making up songs...

*sorry is this post makes no since... basically all you need to know is I LOVE INKOM! And this weekend was just what I needed: sleep, food, movies, games, relaxation, NO HOMEWORK, and NO stress!! :) Next break: UTAH!! :)

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  1. You better believe the next break is Utah...what are we, chop liver? Sheez! :)
    Glad you had fun!!