Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This ones for Drew...

This is my friend Drew. He keeps things interesting! hahaha But in a good way :) He came to me really worried today that I had not updated my blog recently and he was concerned I stopped blogging. So here you go Drew! :) Thanks for always being happy and making everyone laugh! Your the bestest! Not a day goes by that he does not do something or says something that just makes you wanna die from laughing! He says he is the most good looking guy out there.. but sorry ladies he is already taken! Drew is the best friend you all wish you had.. and lucky for me I do have! :) Thanks again Drew! ps. How YOU do-win?!
*side note! Valentines was a hit! Even though Matt had to work he still managed to get me some roses that totally made my day! I am excited for this 3 day weekend to head down to Inkom (I know what your thinking.. AGAIN?!) but what can I say I love it there! :) I hope everyone had a fabulous week! Keep smiling! :)

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