Saturday, February 20, 2010

pond skimming

enjoy!! now you can kinda tell what i am talking about!! :) i LOVE college!!! :)

my new favorite sport!!

POND SKIMMING!!! it is soooooooo cool!! there is lots of contestants that dress up and choose what they want to use to make it down the long hill and try to make it across the whole pond thing. 2 of my FHE brothers were in it beau and matt it was sooo fun to watch but also very painful! some people would biff it at the top and kinda just crash the whole way down! can you say OUCH!! and FREEZING!! i couldn't feel my toes or hands!! but it was so worth it. we got there early so we had front row right in front of all the action!
awww what a cute little family!! :)
matt and beau! they didn't make it the whole pond but matt got close (the one with all the duck tape hahah) but we did learn that front row was not always the best! hahah they warned us that we might get wet but we just kept hiding behing people so we were safe then before we even knew that someone was going down and BAM! we were drenched!! hahah instantly my hair turned to ice! so we decided instead of waiting all the way to the end when we all turn into ice cubes we would go home! hahah but its totally my new favorite sport even if i did get soaked!!
lindsay was not having so much fun being wet... hahahahaha

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cute videos! :)

we had some fun taking videos this week!! if you don't not think that she is not just the cutest thing ever then there is something very wrong with you lol!! i love this little girl! i remember when i was little and would sing that song now i have been and am working on the second verse. ("ill marry in gods temple for eternity") :) and can't wait!! sorry i couldn't flip the walmart one! hahahah that was one funnnnn trip to walmart! and thats not including the extra 50 bucks dad had to buy from all the "hidden" treats!! hahahah i LOVE shopping with dad!! :)

my favorite valintines! :)

i finally got to go home!! it was soooo fun!! minus the lack of sleep hahah mindy and mike went on vacation for the weekend so we were on munchkin duty!! haha and knowing that i don't have a room when i go home i got to sleep with josh and katelyn... yes in the same bed! josh kept waking up so he ended up in my bed anyway! but i LOVED it!! right when i walked in the door katelyn ran up to me gave me a HUGE hug and said "oh i missed you so much! i love you! :)" i wanted to cry, its amazing how much better you can feel when someone says i missed you and love you! she was on like a love hi he whole week and would do that often which i LOVE!!

she also loved to still my camera and take pictures of her self... once she took the pictures she would look at it and go "oh cuuute!!" hahaha she is soooo funny!! we are like best friends now she always wanted me! :) it was a GREAT WEEKEND!! minus the friend drama but once i relized that i really don't need them to be happy and all i need is my REAL friends and my family it was a great weekend! i forgot how much fun they can be! even walmart was an adventure!! :)
ahhhhh i love them sooooo much!!! :)
cute baby josh! all smiles except at 3 in the morning... hahaha
how cute is she?! i LOVE her boots!! hahaha
my cute little valintines! we tried to have a photoshoot but it didn't really work out so well but here is one cute picture!
she makes me so happy!! if you are ever having a bad day go find a little kid that loves you! they totally make it all better! how could you not be happy around her?!
me and baby auklin! :) his cute little cubby cheeks in this picture! i am soo excited for the semester to be over so i can go home for longer than a weekend!!!! and i get to help the family get ready for jillisas wedding!! its going to be EPIC!! :) i can't wait!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to” i love this! i have already hit this point and all i want to do is go home! i love being there and being with my family!! i have been super home sick lately. i have not been able to go home yet this semester but I FINALLY GET TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!! i can't wait!! i want to cry just thinking about it!! i get to spend all of saturday with my little niece and nephews! its the best valintines present anyone could ever give me! i feel i like i have missed seeing them grown up and learn, and that they have to re learn who i am everytime that i come home and i hate that feeling! i can't wait till i am off track and so i can spend all my free time (which will not be that much still since i have to work full time, where? i have no idea so if you have any suggestions please let me know!) anyway! long story short i am soooo excited to finally be home, actully eat something good for once, hang out with my family, and so shopping for FREE (gotta love food storage!) lol so if you in the neighborhood stop by! oh and thank goodness for presidents! :) i love holidays and it makes it eaiser for me to just come back on monday instead!! that is if george makes it! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

ward party!

we had a really fun ward party on saturday! :) we went sledding, played games, and had some amazing food! :) FYI the best way to sled in big groups is with a tarp!! soooooooo fun!! :) we could fit so many people on! hahaha i am super sore but it was so worth it! :) i love my ward :)))

yes these people are the same ones we went with when we almost died the first time! and these sleds are sooooo fast it was FREAKY!!! but don't worry we didn't die! :)

enjoy!! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

pet peeves!!

if you haven't guessed already my all time biggest pet peeve of all time is CHEWING WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN!!! ugh it drives me insane! the smacking and chomping of your mouth and stuff I CAN'T STAND IT!!! it seriously makes me really mad and i can't even be in the same room if its to bad!! well what brought this on is my sweet roommates.... i LOVE them to death but CLOSE YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU EAT!! no matter what it is that they are eating i can hear it!! and they are ALWAYS snacking on something!! i don't want to be a jerk and tell them to SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! so i try to bring up pet peeves at random times so they know that it bugs me but i swear it made it worst!! so thanks for reading my little venting session! maybe this is the lords way of teaching me patients... but if i say i get the lesson will they stop?! hahaha so just a word to the wise! if you think you are one of those smackers! just softly close your mouth when you are around other people you never know who its going to bug!! :) hahahaha *fingers crossed that my roommates don't read this!* hahahah but if they do i guess they will know how i feel!! all i gotta say is I CAN'T WAIT TILL THOSE RED VINES ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

sibling week :)

its official i have the best family in the world!! i don't know what i would do without them! this week is siblings week so i just wanted to tell them all how grateful i am for them and all that they do for me! i don't know where i would be without them! they are my best friends!! i hope you enjoy the TONS of pictures of us but there is just soooo many! how could i pick?!
our too traditional/famous poses that we ALWAYS do whenever we are taking pictures!!

we have had many adventures together! this being high on the list!! hahahah gotta love camping!! :)
how many cravens can we fit on a small couch?! hahaha good thing we all love each other! :)

me and ky! hahahah miss this little guy.. sorry did i say little?! hahah yeah right!! :)

i have the best n-laws also!! i am soo blessed! we all get along so well and always have fun! even when ripping out walls!!

the best older sisters anyone could ever ask for!! even if we might have had our stuggles growing up... mostly between me and jillisa debating between whos week it is to do the bathroom or whos side of the room is more messy but it was all worth it!! mindy has always been the peace maker in our home! i hope one day to be just like them!! :)
I LOVE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! once you move out you really start to relize how much you rely on them to keep you going! i don't know what i would do without them! i know that they are always there to talk to or to remember the good old days!! we are so blessed to all get along (sure we have those days were someone (kyron lol) is annoying and we all kinda get on end but its easier to get over it now that we are all older!) so happy sibling week! love you guys :) thanks for all you have done for me!! i don't know what i would do without you thanks for being my bestest friends :) love love love you!!