Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my favorite valintines! :)

i finally got to go home!! it was soooo fun!! minus the lack of sleep hahah mindy and mike went on vacation for the weekend so we were on munchkin duty!! haha and knowing that i don't have a room when i go home i got to sleep with josh and katelyn... yes in the same bed! josh kept waking up so he ended up in my bed anyway! but i LOVED it!! right when i walked in the door katelyn ran up to me gave me a HUGE hug and said "oh i missed you so much! i love you! :)" i wanted to cry, its amazing how much better you can feel when someone says i missed you and love you! she was on like a love hi he whole week and would do that often which i LOVE!!

she also loved to still my camera and take pictures of her self... once she took the pictures she would look at it and go "oh cuuute!!" hahaha she is soooo funny!! we are like best friends now she always wanted me! :) it was a GREAT WEEKEND!! minus the friend drama but once i relized that i really don't need them to be happy and all i need is my REAL friends and my family it was a great weekend! i forgot how much fun they can be! even walmart was an adventure!! :)
ahhhhh i love them sooooo much!!! :)
cute baby josh! all smiles except at 3 in the morning... hahaha
how cute is she?! i LOVE her boots!! hahaha
my cute little valintines! we tried to have a photoshoot but it didn't really work out so well but here is one cute picture!
she makes me so happy!! if you are ever having a bad day go find a little kid that loves you! they totally make it all better! how could you not be happy around her?!
me and baby auklin! :) his cute little cubby cheeks in this picture! i am soo excited for the semester to be over so i can go home for longer than a weekend!!!! and i get to help the family get ready for jillisas wedding!! its going to be EPIC!! :) i can't wait!!

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