Saturday, February 20, 2010

my new favorite sport!!

POND SKIMMING!!! it is soooooooo cool!! there is lots of contestants that dress up and choose what they want to use to make it down the long hill and try to make it across the whole pond thing. 2 of my FHE brothers were in it beau and matt it was sooo fun to watch but also very painful! some people would biff it at the top and kinda just crash the whole way down! can you say OUCH!! and FREEZING!! i couldn't feel my toes or hands!! but it was so worth it. we got there early so we had front row right in front of all the action!
awww what a cute little family!! :)
matt and beau! they didn't make it the whole pond but matt got close (the one with all the duck tape hahah) but we did learn that front row was not always the best! hahah they warned us that we might get wet but we just kept hiding behing people so we were safe then before we even knew that someone was going down and BAM! we were drenched!! hahah instantly my hair turned to ice! so we decided instead of waiting all the way to the end when we all turn into ice cubes we would go home! hahah but its totally my new favorite sport even if i did get soaked!!
lindsay was not having so much fun being wet... hahahahaha

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