Saturday, September 12, 2009


friday night we went to the park and played around all night! it was fun! later we went across the hall and watched an old movie and ate no bake cookies! i love my appartment everyone is so nice! (and good looking guys!!)

hahahahah funny story.. so this is our new favortie game "trash-ka-ball" i live on the 3rd floor and are often to lazy to walk down to take the trash out so.... we go out on the balcony and chuck it (yes someone goes down just incase we miss.. and then moset the times throws it back up so we can practice some more! this apparently attracts boys hahahah we were out one night throwing our trash away (in pjs and looking kinda scary) when a kid named Matt was taking his trash also we got to talking and long story short (to late for that) i met 7 new guys that came over later for fresh cookies and games! hahahah its way fun and we have gotten our other neighbors to join in!! first day of school!!! here i come!!
playing nintendo 64 :)
we love making cookies!!
this is my new friend Kirby Heyborn! he totally snuck me and my roommates and about 10 other people back stage.!! want the story?? i will tell you anyway! we were kinda in the back of the line and had to line up down this hall (that was so so hot! we were dying) and there was like this door right by us that we were just making jokes about how it leads back stage and we could have gone and snuck in... well the next thing i know KIRBY HEYBORN IS STANDING RIGHT THERE!!!! AHHHHHH IT WAS CRAZY!! so we just started talking to him we all said hi and Lindsay (my roommate) asked him how his night was going he said wonderful and asked us the same i said it was Way hot!! just then he pointed to Emily (also my roommate) and said okay you guys come with me and told her that she was the end of the line and to stop the people after her! so next things next we were there back stage talking! some crazy lady started yelling to get out but Kirby just kept saying that we were with him and that it was okay! so we got front row seats and he kept eye contact and kept calling us his possy the whole show! it was AMAZING!! i am depressed we didn't get any picutures with him cause it was to late after the show! but the picutures i do have are not even zoomed in!! we were that close! he is was funny sings great and has the coolest possy!! hahaha yeah i was there!! still can't believe it so there is my story of how i am first becoming famous!!
i have no idea who this girl was.. hahahah but all well
left to right: me, Lindsay, Ashley, Emily (roommates!) we hit it off perfect and are all best friends i love theses girls so much i also have 2 other roommates named Rachel and Katie!
Emily is a great cook and loves to make things home made... most of which is cookies at 12:00 in the morning!! hahahah got to love college


  1. Great blog! You are so cute - But - Did you say you just graduated from Layton High? And that you are attending BYU-Idaho? Well, girly - look how you spelled apartment...APPARTMENT - try again! I love you - you have such enthusiasm for life! You make me smile :) - and if you meant to spell it that way then please disregard this message - except the part where I said I love you! Have a happy night.

  2. hahahah yeah i saw that when i posted it! i wish you still lived here! i would come over!