Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 8.. sorry a day late! (hey that rhymns)

Sorry I forgot to blog yesterday.. my bad! but yesterday I was grateful for my: sisters! all of them! They are the best sisters anyone could ask for! I was reading a friends blog and she was blogging about her little sister Madey (the one that passed away a week ago) and it started to make me cry. I am so blessed to have the sister I do, I don't know what I would do without them and their examples to me. I called my mom the other day and asked what her plans were for that day and she said that all the girls were coming over and crafting- I MISS THAT! that is a big reason I hate being away from home. I love how close we all are and that we can do everything together!! I look up to them so much! I couldn't have better sister for me! So thanks Mindy, Chelsi, and Jillisa for helping me become the person I am, for your examples, phone calls, and for your love! :) that is why today (yesterday) I was grateful for my: sisters! :)


  1. you really couldn't find a better pic? But ya without me I don't think you'd be a good speller! ha ha jk.. Love ya

  2. Sexxy picture Brielle! I would have been content with a single one of all of us! Sheez! Love ya too!