Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dAy 6!

Today I am grateful for: Brian he is my best friend (well one of them!) today while I was stressing over school, feeling tired, and quite sick. He just laid on the floor by me and just talked. It was not anything big but it sure meant a lot to me! Brian is the person that prays for everyone else and hopes that they are doing the best that they can be, but he is also the person that can make me cry laughing, make me feel better when I am sad, or even make me become better at Mario cart racing so I can try to beat him (which I have been able to do once before... don't worry I still practicing!) and Brian is also the person you can tell anything to and know its safe. Brain is the best!! I am so grateful that he is my friend! :) that's why today I am especially grateful for: Brian! :)
This was at Lindsay and Travis wedding reception! we love to dance, even if its just spinning over and over again! :)
our family "Christmas eve" party! :) hence the reason I am in my footie pjs hahaha
this is Brian's "I am sooo cool" look... he loves this picture so I thought I would put it up since this post is all about him! :)

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