Monday, September 20, 2010

good friends...

Last night I had a really humbling experience. I have AMAZING friends, ones who push me to be the best I can be, set the bar high, the best examples to me, and love me for who I am. I just got put into the relief society presidency on Sunday, something that I am both nervous and really excited for. We have 51 sisters in our class and I have been making it a effort to get to know each of them, kinda get out of my bubble and become my like my friends and be friends to everyone. We had a stake fireside last night and I admit it I did not want to go (my ward starts at 1:30! UGH! and so we hardly get home in enough time to eat *side note* our really good guy friends made us all dinner yesterday and it was all set up and ready to go right when we walked in the door from church! I love this new thing of us making breakfast and them making dinner on Sundays! ) anyway.. so my roommate Emily spiritual giant that she is some how talked us all into going to this fireside and I am so glad I did, our stake president talked on turning towards the temple- a over all amazing fireside. After the fireside a few of us were a tad... excited for no real reason after sticky noting Lindsay's bed of love letters and inside jokes we finally started to settle down and get ready for bed. That's when Curtis walked in (nothing new his home is our home type of thing!) Well some how we got on the topic of Ephesians 1:16 this led into a 2 hours discussion about the Gospel and things I have never, realized or even thought of before. I could not stop thinking of the things we talked about so I started to write them all down, around 1:30 AM I was finally able to fall asleep! it was that deep!! anyway long story short it is just such a blessing to have good example in my life and great friends who love the gospel as much as me, but also know sooo much more and are willing to help and answer my questions! It has taken me a long time and lots of hard times to understand the importance of friends, I have made forever friends here and my life has been forever blessed! So here if my little shout out to my amazing friends just to take them for all that they do for me and the examples they are to me. You are helping me become the girl I am meant to be! so thanks!! :)

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