Tuesday, June 22, 2010

what does summer look like?

it looks like working 2 jobs just to gain some extra cash.. me and laura were helping with my neighbors dance classes recitals.. this was at the gateway
it looks like last minute trips to idaho to see your favorite roommates and to hang out and take random pictures!

i love us!! :)
it looks like going to family reunions and tons of hanging out with the family, playing games, eating, and going to lagoon!

it looks like going to midnight showings of movies (toy story 3) even when you are exhausted from 4:00- 5:30 shifts at work.. yes that is 4 in the AM to 5:30 at night!... ugh!

it looks like taking random pictures on dinosaurs to fulfill your dream of always wanting to!!
all in all when i am not working summer looks fun.. but 6 sure does some early so it also looks like early to bed and getting lots of sleep!! :)

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