Sunday, July 11, 2010

adams canyon!

Saturday morning me and some friends decided to go and hike up adams canyon.. a few of us have never been to the top and so I wanted to try something new and go for a hike ( I normally HATE hiking with a passion but this sounded somewhat fun so I gave it a go! which I am glad I did!) We soon found out we are not in the best shape when we would see much older people passing us while running up and down... but it was fun to stop and enjoy the beauty all around us! not to mention a huge thing knowing that we could do something hard!! :) once you get closer to the top it becomes less of a hike and more like mountain climbing, which I enjoyed much more because its more challenging and exciting! :)
it sure is pretty though!! :)
once we got to the top we wanted to try one last challenge and go on top of the waterfall... in the picture above if you look hard there is a tree right above the falls.. we were like right there! it was off the trial and super hard to do but totally worth it. It was all rock climbing and pulling yourself up and finding holes to put your feet- I had never done anything like that before and I think its one of my new hobbys! even though I am SUPER sore today. But it was totally worth it!!
one of the falls on the way up! such a pretty hike! :)
kylee, elaina, and me! we went up earlier than elaina but she came up with her dad and little brother and found us at the top! :)
thumbs up to a great day!! :)
colby, kortnie, kylee, and me! this was on the way back down, its amazing we are all still that happy! but its amazing what hiking can do for you, you get this sence of "i can do anything i put my mind to!" i felt sooo good the whole day!
lifes a climb but the view is great!! :) cheesy i know but it is so true!

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