Monday, December 20, 2010

Road Trip!

This weekend Me, Matt, Brian, and Emily all jumped in the car friday morning and went to Washington for my roommates wedding :) Lindsay (me and Emilys roommate married Travis, Brian and Matts roommate) in 2 days we were in 5 states! now thats crazy!! It was a long 10 hour drive up there a beautiful wedding and fun hanging out then another long snowy 10 hour drive back!
we went ice skating with a bunch of people that night.. totally our new favorite! we went in as beginners and came out pro! :)
sorta... hahaha caught the falling in the act! love it!
Lindsay and Travis wedding! it was so beautiful with the freshly fallen snow :)
me and the beautiful bride! Its so weird that they are married now...
The boys!

our ice skating group!
one of the many stops on our way to Washington!

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