Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas at the Cravens!

This year we got to set up for Christmas before I went back to school, it's just not the same if I can't help! Even this year it was just me and mom! :) here are a few of the many decorations around the Craven home!
This is the best Christmas tree ever!! Everything on it has sentimental value or a meaning for why we have it, no fancy "no touching" tree at our house! It's all about the memories, and I LOVE it!
Upstairs is a little more "fancy" where it's the Christ room with all of the nativity sets.
This is just one of the many nativity sets we have, our big fancy one my parents got from a man in Egypt where my dad paid for it with money, his money belt and the shoes off his feet... if I remember correctly!
The best ornament on the tree... MINE! Baby's first Christmas 1991! whoot whoot! There is always a fight for who gets to have theirs at the top of the tree... most of the time you are searching for your ornament that someone else hid so theirs could go at the top. It's quite a sport!
This is also another favorite... Herbert the rooster! If you didn't know we used to have a TRAINED pet rooster named Herbert. He was the bomb! But winter came and we had to give him away :( so like I said earlier, we got an ornament to remember him! Another cool tradition we have is every place we go on vacation or somewhere cool we buy another ornament for the tree, it's fun to see all of the places we have been! Well happy holidays! I hope your Christmas is amazing and your decorating is a BlAsT!! :)

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