Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving break

I have been way behind in the blogging department.. life has been quite hectic around here! So feel free to just scan though all of the pictures. First these are some play pictures from our stake play Savior of the World. Dad, Kyron and my cousin Brent were all in this... they did a really good job and it helped strengthen my testimony so much!
Dads big part was about 5 words! haha but he sure nailed it!
p.s the beards are both fake (obviously) but just to make sure.. my dad would never be caught dead with facial hair! lol
we went to the play with most of the family.
Earlier I posted about my dear grandmother. I was lucky to get home on wed. just in time to say goodbye before she passed away Thurs. night. The family was all around (all 7 kids!) she is finally home with my dear grandpa in her "white home" that was prepared for her. It has been a hard week but with the knowledge of eternal families and eternal life its become bearable. I don't know how anyone could live without knowing that we are going to live again. Someone this past week told me that the reason that people die is because sometimes the spirit is to strong to live in such a weak body. I love to think of it that way. She is finally at peace and no longer in pain. I will miss all of the memories and helping her to church every Sunday. I miss the amazing thanksgiving food she made.. jello, rolls, and stuffing. I miss driving home from work and just stopping in to get her her mail and to chat. I miss her silent testimony of this church and her knowledge of it. I miss having her cheer with my success and being there for me. I am going to miss not having her or my grandpa at my wedding someday. Mostly I will just miss her. It was a blessing living so close and we have grown even closer its hard to say good bye but I know she is at home and watching over me now. I love you grandma! :)
here are some pictures at the viewing Sunday night.
Sure do love my brother! This time was not as sad as my grandpa's I think it was because I know that he was waiting for my grandma and that she is finally happy again. Its still hard its was just easier knowing! Honestly I never though grandma was going to die.. I knew she would I just never saw a end. Where when it was grandpa he was always sick and I knew it was coming. Once again I am just thankful for eternal families and for them to show me the way and be my example.
the "blizzard!" it was supposed to be the worst blizzard ever but really it was nothing more than what I live with everyday in Rexburg.. hahah but I was fun to get excited about!
This year for thanksgiving we started a new tradition... DEEP FRIED TURKEY!!! it was AMAZING! I normally don't even like turkey because I think it is too dry but holy smokes this is amazing!
Also this year we paid a tribute to grandma. We wore her and grandpa's aprons, made her rolls, jello, and stuffing (still not quite like grandma could make, she was one heck of a cook!) but amazing none the less!
Cute little Auklin! Boy do I love being an Aunt!!

me and my beautiful mom!
The family all ready to gobble till we wobble! (also using grandma and grandpa's table that my mom help build when she was younger! Isn't she amazing! It fit us all which was perfect!) What an amazing Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for all I have! And the best thing about Thanksgiving is the day after... BLACK FRIDAY!! whoot whoot! here we come.. bright and EARLY! :)

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