Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I love you this big!

I am not a big t.v watcher sometimes I wish I could be but I never have time. Well last night we were working on some wedding stuff so we just turned on the t.v for background noise and decided to watch American Idol (I have not ever been obsessed with this show but it is good, especially when its the finals and you just get to see the end instead of having to watch the whole season!) Of what I have seen of the season I loved Scotty's voice and was excited to see that he was one of the finalist. Well he sang this new song called "I love you this big" and I LOVE IT!! It's the cutest song and really easy to relate to! So in case you were not able to watch it here it is! Enjoy! :) this one is for sure going on the wedding soundtrack! :) (and if you have any other good wedding songs be sure to let me know!)

(click on the link above to view)

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