Saturday, January 9, 2010


hahahah this is my roommate roommate lindsay (she was also my roommate last semester) we both have teeth things in (mine is teeth whiting and hers is her retainer but we matched!)
brian, liz, becca, and lindsay!
i love and miss my old roommates sooooooo much but i looooove my new ones to! they bring over so many new fun people! (mostly guys! which is a BONUS!!) we have sooo much fun! we are constantly dancing and making random movies with music (my video wont up load or i would give you a sneak peek...)
this is curtis, melissa and of course me! hahaha theses boys are soooo funny and fun to be with! we had a BLAST the other night and it didn't even matter what we did I LOVE MEETING NEW PEOPLE!
liz, me, and becca had a little photoshoot of our own the other night! hahahah they were all really random like this one!! so you get a little idea!
me and becca! she is simply GEORGEOUS!! she is so fun and super cute!
me and liz! hahaha oh i love her! even when they all make fun of me for my snuggie... secretly they all want one!! random saying: " boys are like snuggies everyone thinks they are stupid but they still want one!" hahahahahahahah pretty smart hu! i love it!! well enjoy your week never stop smiling!

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