Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sleding cheap kid style!

the other night i broke from my normal friday night tradition (gilmore girls marathon) and went sledding with the girls below us and some of the cabin boys! it was sooo fun we had garbage bags and a few sleds but the most dangerous was the tube.... hahahahah wanting to try new things out lindsay, i, and mamo decided to jump on the tube and go down the hill... mamo was NOT letting go! he was keeping us on no matter what (you should have seen it, sorry i don't have a picture of it!) well things turned from fun to stupid hahaha when we hit at small bump and went flying out i banged my head up pretty bad with a instant head ace, mamo lanned on me but mostly lindsay making it hard for her to breath, after i got elbowed in the eye! but we got back up trying to play it cool ( i mean come on there was a bunch of guys there! you can't act like a pansey!!) lets just say we didn't go down again. instead we started a snow ball fight and played games the rest of the night! :) me and mica, can you name the show? of course! titanic!! you can't really tell but the wind was really bad!
this is kinda what we looked like... mallory in the green, mamo in red, and halla in the tan!
boys train! hahah

lindsay didn't know she was also in the picture, this is mallory, mica, nichole, and jami!

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