Saturday, January 30, 2010

saving haiti!

how you ask?! easily! by going to a big old dance with all of your friends! :) it was 5 bucks to get in (100% of it all went to haiti so i figured i could spare it!!) it was sooo fun! i haven't been to a dance in a long time and it was so fun to go! if you can't tell by this picture we were CRAMMED!!! i have never been that close to some people in my whole life but it was so worth it! :) i am really nasty and sweaty in this picture but hey its a dance!!
we finally got out of the center after lots of pushing and almost a few fights! hahaha who wants to fight 2 hawiaiin kids beats me! hahaha
hala dancing it up! can you see the closeness?!
awwww what cute roommates!! we have so much fun together! :)

mamo and me... i am sooo white next to him lol but if it was not for him a toffer we would have been in trouble! there were some CREEPY guys there!!! they were like our body guards we would just give them the "look" and they would dance on over and get the dude off hahah they are such good boys and so fun to hang out with!! nothing better then having a blast while saving haiti!! :)

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