Thursday, January 21, 2010

ode to jillisa! :)

yup thats jillisa!! hahahah this is to her! i miss her soooo much she is one of my best friends well today she had surgery... little did i know! i guess i just get left out of stuff ever since i am not home... normally i find out everything when we would have family prayer but that is kinda hard being 4 hours away! :(
thanks jillis for all you do for me! you keep my life lively! :) i miss you tons and i hope you get better soon!! if you ever get bored you can give me a call! :) love you tons and tons thanks for being the best sister and letting me tag along with you and your friends!
(this was for the nativity play at grandma and grandpas house for christmas) just the traditional jillisa!! :)


  1. Hey...what about me!? :) j/k Jilli's doing well, but is in pain. Mom said she was pretty funny after the drugs...

  2. when you do something important i will ode to you :) i had to move away before i got mine on yours! hahahah jk love you and miss you tons!