Monday, March 22, 2010


oh the things i would buy if i had money... first i would buy a freaken amazing cabin and have a bed room up stairs that looks like this!! :)
a huge 4 wheeler and and 4 wheeling with my brother ben and roommate liz! :)
the back of my cabin would look like this! ( and i am standing on the lake where i can go boating, and jet skiing in the summer, which i will also have!)
ill go 4 wheeling for hours with just me and my friends for hours on end in the open roads with beautiful views! :)
the front of the cabin would look something like this.. aka AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!
and always go snow mobiling on my frozen lake in the winter...
and hot tubing with all my friends in my hot tub late at night!
and go shot gun shooting in my spare time!
play on my slide, in my room and play pretend that we are hunters and killed our own bears!
and lastly just hang out with my all my friends enjoying the beauty and my huge house! so over all what can money buy you ask.. money buys happiness!! hahahah well sorta! :) but over all it was very enjoyable and the weekend was great!! and it helps that your bishop is a multi millionaire!! dang i love this ward :)


  1. What about your family- if you had all that money can I come play too! :)

  2. That looks amazing!!! I would buy all that too! Where were you- it looks like you had a blast!

  3. is my bishops cabin in island park!! it was soooooo fun and of couse family can come!!!!!