Thursday, March 25, 2010

my claim to fame! :)

so today while i was at work this guy came up to the window and started talking to me he needed to get tapes to cds or something so i had to send him across the hall to master control, after he was done there he came back to check out Superman the video! hahah so i asked for his I card so i could check it out to him and guess who it was... JACK WEYLAND!! it was soooo cool! and if you know me at all you know i HATE to read and i never do! well in jr. high i read his whole Charly series (which is a miracle in its self!) so there is my little claim to fame i met and helped Jack Weyland! and funny side note.. while he was here another girl came up to the window and i also sent her somewhere else so jokingly he said "do you always just turn people away?!" hahah what a funny man! heheh so there you have it. Jack Weyland used to be a physics teacher at BYU-Idaho! no wonder why this school is so cool! (and if you read any new books and have a character named Brooke in it's the girl across the hall, he liked her name so he is going to use it in a book. i am going to tell him my name next time cause if he thinks Brooke is cool then i am going to be the MAIN character with my name!!) now thats what i call a good day at the office!!

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