Wednesday, March 31, 2010

saturday joy!

this past weekend i went home for kyrons play and to hang out with the family! saturday we went to a easter egg hunt at Dicks with the family (very interesting... but enjoyable!) after we went to kasey and chelsis and did some yard work including pruning the trees! reconize the tree above? hahaha when kasye left on his mission he left a "winger" on top of the tree that we kept there till he got back and could cut it off himself so we did the same to his tree! hahaha
easter egg hunt! :)
my studly nephew! hahaha love this kid!
heheheeh isn't she just the cutest thing?! i got her that "princess" skirt for easter! she is just a little princess! love her!

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  1. I love how often you update your blog! Can't wait til you're home for the summer so we can have all your photos instantly!!! Love, love, love you!!1