Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I try to do nice things...

So today after being quite productive I ran over to the guys to take Matt to class at the Benson, and of course all the other boys needed a ride to their classes also which I didn't mind at all (we are all pretty good at giving each other rides cause who wants to walk in this weather?!) Anyway so after dropping Matt off at the Benson, Brian off at the Ricks, and Drew off at the testing center I decided to wait a few minutes so that he wouldn't have to walk home and then I could also pick Ashley up from her class (the testing center is connected to the Clark where Ashley was). Well just like anyone would do I turned off George because I didn't want to waste his gas... after a while I started to get cold and the windows started to fog up so I went to warm up the car but when I turned the key... NOTHING! he was dead! hahaha I did leave the lights, music and air on which lead to it but I didn't think he would die that fast! So instead of waiting to pick Drew and Ashley up, drew ended up RUNNING home to pick up his car and then come jump George... I try to do nice things for others but some how they are the ones that do the nice things for me, I guess you could call it a tender mercy to have such amazing friends! So thanks Drew for helping me out, your the best! As embarrassing as this was (I was parked right ouside the door of a dance class... so they saw the whole thing! Did I also mention I had JUST gotten out of the shower, wet hair, no make up, sweats and workout shirt on...hahaha) It was quite funny so I though I would share my laugh with you! Enjoy! I challenge you all to find the small tender mercy's in your own lives! :)
Thanks again Drew!

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