Wednesday, March 16, 2011

just a normal tuesday..

Tuesdays at school are devotional days so we dress up... well 100% not planned Brian, Me, and Drew all matched... hahaha how funny is that? I guess it was just a purple day! It was also Pie day (its a math term called pie and it's 3.14) So Ashley and I made banana cream and chocolate pie :)

this was Brian trying to be a model... he has some work though :)
eating the pie :) yummmmmy
I made banana cream pie, my grandma Watson made the BEST banana cream pie so I was going to make it like old times but when I found out it was like a 2 day process I just got the instant pudding stuff! But I think it turned out quite yummy!
we had a mini photo shoot while eating it...

Sure do love her! :)

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