Monday, March 14, 2011

random thoughts..and updates

Matt and I went to Twin Falls this week to meet his Hunt family, mostly his sister
Emily and her family Earl, Emma, and Elli we played games, relaxed, at way to many treats, and just hung out! It was a really fun relaxing weekend... even though we stayed up most night until 1 or so!
Life is pretty good. The semester is almost over, its going to be weird we are all going different places, Utah, Inkom, Blackfoot, and Rexburg... its kind of depressing but that's life! Other than getting ready for finals life is calm. My insight for you today is this: don't go though life saying "I can't wait for this... or this..." but to enjoy the wait, who knows whats going to happen so enjoy life while you can :) after all its to be enjoyed not just endured- Pres. Hinckley :) so stop waiting and live!!
When we came home 2 weeks ago we went to watch Kyron play some church ball, instead of taking pictures of the game I took pictures of my adorable niece instead :)
These are from the last post... the 3D Tangled date night! :) sorry they are so late!

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